black tables

Hmm… I feel like a loser right now. It’s 5pm on a Thursday evening and the eve of a public holiday. First of all, I don’t know when I’ll get off work. Chances of being dumped on with a ton of work at the very last millisecond are quite high here. Secondly, I have no one to call. No one. Yeah, how pathetic is that? Maybe I should call Chiquita but she always has plans. She’s a nice girl but not someone who would be free at a moment’s notice, and I can understand that. I tried calling a guy from my previous bank and he said he will meet me tomorrow for a coffee or something. He’s a nice guy but well he’s not free for dinner tonight and it’s not like I know him that well. The Singapore boys – well, I don’t think they have much of an incentive in meeting me; after all I’ve barely seen them both once since I got here and I got here 5 weeks ago. Then there’s the girl who moved to New Jersey and became a whole new person and a judgmental, uppity one at that – she was supposed to meet me for coffee this week, remember? That leaves, basically, no one.

I guess to some extent I was prepared for this. It’s not like I’ve ever been here before, it’s not like thirty of my friends moved here before me and it’s not like I am here for school that I could make tons of friends like I did in b-school. So yes, this loneliness, this lack of plans for the weekend is not surprising. But it is annoying. I eat lunch and dinner alone through the week so I guess it would be nice to have some good conversation, some good wine with a good friend at least once a week, wouldn’t it?

My plan is just to get enough rest, use the pool a lot, shop with Chiquita, maybe get a haircut, pick a sofa (finally), make one more trip to IKEA (I dread this) and iron enough shirts to last me 2 weeks. Yeap, am gonna spend a ton of time with me, myself and my apartment. At least it’s a cute apartment.


2 thoughts on “black tables

  1. Hey Jups, I know that feeling…I moved to LA after school and I knew absolutely noone….noone…how sad is that :(You shld go explore newyork !!!! Its one city u do not need company to explore….I wld suggest Guggenheim …I totally fell in love with that place. Wonder wat they have on exhibit now. Oh, and u have a phone bill to run up…don’t forget that…wonder wat pple did before internet and cellphones !! Have a nice weekend.

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