There are good weekends, there are bad weekends and then there are mixed bag weekends – you spend a ton of money, you get drunk, you eat a lot, you watch a movie, you have a fight, etc etc. Mine was like that. It started on a very positive note on Friday evening; I left work early and headed to Diesel. While Diesel is famous (imo) for jeans, I was more interested in their clothing. Their apparel is hip and very au courant and even their feminine dresses have a distinct rock attitude to them. Me Likey.

Between the fantastic 5th avenue store décor and music and the very very gay guy helping me try dresses, I walked off spending more than 300 $ and that was after having 30% shaved off the 2 200$ dresses! I bought a very cute strappy teeshirt – simple but with tons of attitude. The dresses – 1 chocolate brown dress that is a different take on a wrap dress and finally one that doesn’t need a cami inside. The other is a houndstooth check short frock that would look stunning with my black boots. Overall, Diesel 1, Jups 0

Then I met Chey for drinks and had such a fun time. Chey went to the same university as I and actually bothered to look me up after he found out that I lived in New York. How nice. So we drank tons that night and after that we went back to my place to watch Gladiator and drink more. We also made plans to go to ikea to buy identical media stands. Whew. Chey’s a good kid.

Saturday was also totalllly fun. I went to Chinatown, I’d made plans to go there to get my haircut and ended up having lunch with Donald before and hanging out with him after. Lunch was good old wanton noodles with soup and vegetables and some fiery chili sauce. It was so lovely and reminded me of my good ol’ Singapore. Food was cheap, obviously. Then I noticed that you get real asian vegetables in Chinatown – real vegetables like pumkins and gourds and stuff. I went nuts. And it literally cost me what I would in my neighbourhood supermarket for 2 pounds of tomatoes. Whoa!

Then we walked around Chinatown and onto Little Italy and back to Chinatown in time for my hair appointment. And it was divine. Finally some pampering. The stylist was great and attentive and had an eye for detail. He painstakingly “texturised” (his words) my hair and the end results? Well short, curly and already getting me loads of compliments.
At this point I wanted to go home and watch La Vie En Rose but Donald insisted I should stay out and walk around with him. He then walked me to Wall Street where we spent 4 hours at his favorite bar; I drank ginger ale and tomato juice so as not to ruin the high I had from it being such a gorgeous day because it really was a beautiful day – no annoying wind, no rain, just perfect weather, not hot nor cold, just right. Then I went back home and cooked some rajma and ate rotis with rajma and veggies and raita. I put on the movie but then Brendan came online. So I chatted with Brendan for hours till I was too sleepy to go on.

What a perfect day right? Well apparently the balance of the universe must have shifted because the next day was an utter shitfest. I readied my lunch and put on La Vie on Rose once more. Brendan came online again so we started chatting. Except this time it wasn’t much fun because we had a fight. At around the same time, my boss calls me up asking me to go to work. IT’S SUNDAY!!!!!! ARGH! I get a missed call. I call back and it’s Tee – he cancels our dinner plans. I was in tears! It was all too much to bear. Groan. I had no voice left at the end of it. Defeated, I took a shower and went to work. Spent 3 hours there doing some crappy shit (crappy shit..eehhehe) that could as well have waited till Monday. Went then to Pottery Barn to check out sofas and finally finally ordered one. They take 8 weeks to deliver. I sheepishly agreed because I didn’t have it in me to explore this sofa market any further. If it takes until next year, so be it. I’ll sit on a box till then.

I then came back home, ate and watched (finally) La Vie en Rose. It was a well-made movie but I didn’t want to like it – it’s quite tragic and depressing –it must not be nice to lose everyone you love like that, heartbreaking. I then cooked more (for no reason) and packed my lunch for the next day. This morning, I left it on the bartop and rushed to office without it. Groan.

The silver lining? Well Brendan sent flowers this morning – I haven’t seen them yet (my concierge mailed me about them) but I am excited to. Strange occurrence of the day? The owner of a restaurant in Singapore emailed me after reading my scathing review apologizing on behalf of his staff and offering me a free meal to make up for my experience. It was a really touching and generous gesture and I am definitely taking him up on the offer when I visit Brendan next. I feel bad for writing such a mean review especially because he complimented me on my writing skills. Oh man…


3 thoughts on “Instead

  1. Deepa – it’s not a big deal, it’s a public website for singapore restaurants..anyone can write there 🙂 (But I wouldn’t mind getting paid for reviews)Nidhi – Flowers from a boy in Singapore, Free meal in Singapore. So what am i doing in NY again 😉 ?-jups

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