Where have I been. I have been busy. Isn’t that always the case? Work has been a killer so I try to make the most of my weekends. I so badly wanted to tell you about last weekend which was absolutely wonderful. It has something to do with the fact that 4th was Brendan’s birthday; I was on a high because I had arranged a series of surprises for him – a large, luscious Belgian chocolate cake in the morning, champagne colored roses in the afternoon and best of all a box full of luxurious dress shirts and cufflinks (well the box arrived 2 days late). Before the day itself, we had a virtual date via Skype. Why is a virtual date different from any of the other times we talk on skype? I’ll tell you.

On Saturday, I pretty much stayed in, cooked, ate and studied for my certification exams. I also hooked up my miscellaneous gadgets with all the cables I’d ordered online so I could listen to music wirelessly and watch stuff off my laptop on tv and send an email from my microwave and stuff like that. After spending a very lazy yet productive Saturday, I was excited about Sunday. On Sunday morning, I went to Pottery Barn for a flower arrangement course. Yes I am aware that it makes me sound like Bree from desperate housewives but who cares? I had nothing to do and it was a free class. Given that I am quite domesticated and that I have a brand new apartment that could use decoration tips, this was perfect. It was a really fun class and they even gave us free muffins from Williams Sonoma (they were chocolate peanut butter cupcakes to be precise and I even bought the mix the next day to try it at home). I hurriedly took a cab home because I didn’t want to be late for my little virtual date. I already had my makeup on, I changed into a skimpy, green summer dress, made breakfast and waited for Brendan. This was the same dress I wore when I once decided to surprise him by making steak and setting up a surprise date in the living room as he came home from work. He was also nicely dressed – he’d worn his new linen jacket from British India and he had cooked a lovely dinner for himself. So we toasted and enjoyed our respectively meals in our respective continents and when the clock struck 12, I sang for him and he blew out (virtually) a votive that I held out for him over skype. Call us crazy but we did all that because once in a while it is worth the effort to ditch the jammies.

And that was Brendan’s birthday Sunday. On Monday the boy was overwhelmed with presents as even his office folks participated in my little surprise and I was thrilled that it all worked out. He loves his new shirts. Meanwhile I studied the rest of the Sunday and went to bed waiting to read his surprised emails in the morning.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for this weekend’s update post because now, I am off to bed. Good night.


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