diamonds are a girl’s best friend

The apartment has been in the process of being set up for a loooong time. There are many reasons for that, not the least of them being that spending more than a 1000$ on each big ticket item makes me feel very guilty and I need to space it out because I am not Paris Hilton and I don’t have a platinum credit card anymore. No siree, the Jups who had the nice credit cards with the nice perks and the nice credit history is relegated to the cheap-shit debit card. UGH! First of all it’s a debit card and second of all it’s a cheap-ass looking plastic see-through card. I loathe it. Not to mention in 3 months, it’s already so worn out it refuses to work in metrocard machines. Annoying much?

On the plus side, I know exactly how much I am spending on any given day and don’t have to wait till the end of the month and get shocked by a huge bill. On the minus side, there are so many fucking minuses! Can you imagine how many rewards points I could have earned from all these sofas and bed purchases?

As I was saying, the apartment is in the process of being set up and perfected. I have mixed tastes and shuttle between contemporary and modern and it’s very unsettling because I sometimes want a mix of a modern look and a Pottery Barn look. Both those looks are expensive! Anyway, I ordered the sofa weeks ago but it’s not going to be ready before mid-June. What a bitch.

But that is the traditional side of the apartment. I also ordered a fatboy in marimekko print. Fatboy is a contemporary reincarnation of the beanbag – it’s like a beanbag only way huger and way way wayyyyyy cuter. Add a marimekko print to it and you have a refreshingly youthful but not hostel-like look. The fatboy arrives end of this week. Come next week, the TV stand arrives too. I spent days and days trying to narrow down my choices after IKEA betrayed my sensibilties by trying to charge me 150$ shipping on a 90$ stand. Screw you Ikea, I’ll buy a 200$ stand then and spend 0 on delivery. HA! So that’s what I did, I settled for a subdued black TV stand with ample shelf space. Here’s hoping it looks good and is durable.

The apartment looks really empty now and I think it will continue to be so until the sofa arrives. I need a nice rug and a really nice coffee table to tie it all together. I wish those two things weren’t so expensive. A decent coffee table is upwards of 300$ and I am hellbent on getting a square one (if not square at least a very generous rectangle that’s almost square). I want my table to be light colored and I want it to have no glass. That shouldn’t be so difficult to find but let me tell you that it is. There are very very few tables that are square, even fewer that are square and don’t have a glass top and even fewer that don’t like 5 left over wood planks glued together.

As you can imagine, my bank balance isn’t doing too well in the face of said furniture purchases. I also booked my ticket to india paying a hefty 1300$ for the ticket.Apparently July is the worst time in terms of prices. ARGH! I have never paid that much for anything! And why is everything more than a thousand dollars? My air ticket, my sofa, my bed… my god, I am not liking this.

And all that made me feel terribly guilty about Brendan getting me a diamond ring. After all, if 1300$ can annoy me so much, parting with say 10 or 15,000$ would be ten times more unpleasant right? And what’s his is mine (heheh yeah baby yeah!) so shouldn’t I be more responsible. That’s the one half of my brain. The other half is busy imagining how different it would be doing everyday things wearing a big and beautiful diamond ring. Like umm.. paying for my coffee…flirty starbucks barista who upgrades my coffee for free gets blinded by the shininess…no more upgrades… skeevy guy in disco.. “hey beautiful”… I wave back at him and lasers shoot out of the ring and he instantly retraces his steps. Sitting at the office with my face resting on my fist like whatshisfacegreekphilosopherguy would, big diamond catches rays of the sun and makes brilliant aura around my cubicle….Aaaahhh Life is so much better with diamonds.

Okay I am going crazy but I blame the Tiffany’s website for that. Obviously I forwarded it to Brendan not hinting that I want my ring from there (because I don’t…tiffany’s overcharges and their rings are a shoddy VS2 clarity..uh uh…not good enough!) but rather hinting that these are some of the classic designs that would look good on my finger. My ideal ring would be a princess cut stone bordered with little stones on a pave setting. Yes, that would be the one ring to rule her. I sighed audibly just typing that.

In fact I’ve seen a ring very very close to that description – one is on the tiffany website (it’s so pretty!) and the other I actually tried on. Several months ago, when Brendan and I were in a more casual place in our relationship. The ring was gorgeous and you could get it with a yellow or a white diamond. I liked em both. Unfortunately, Brendan went back to the store and no surprise, they don’t sell it anymore. For that matter, it’s become really tough to get princess cuts these days. PRINCESS JUPS WANTS HER PRINCESS DIAMOND!


6 thoughts on “diamonds are a girl’s best friend

  1. Just cuz you said you love comments, here I go 🙂 Just kidding.. That ring is awesome. and do post at least one pic of your engagement – the sari, the ring, the Jups, the Brendan – it will be NICE!! :))

  2. I have a princess cut diamond engagement ring….muahahaha just wanted to say it :PIt’s not huge because we were both poor struggling students but it IS over 1 carat so all the diamond snobs can go back to their…umm…corners.VERY nice choice 🙂 I think I just fell in love again..You’ll find something that you’ll both love too…And yes please – pics of the engagement. Not fair.

  3. anon – 🙂 okay kay, it’s in july.. long time..silvara – poor students? over 1 carat? Does not compute!!! We’re struggling post-mba worker bees so not exactly rolling in $$.. 1 carat is sort of the upper limit for me 🙂 Btw, Australia has great options for diamond lovers – cheaper and conscientious..i have champagne diamonds from argyle and they’re pretty and affordable.btw i am not engaged yet.. july..2 mths away-jups

  4. The ring looks AMAZING! Get that one only!!! :DJups, I want to live your life! Seriously. You seem to be the kind of girl who will go very VERY far in life. 🙂 Okay now jaldi se go and put a teeny tiny kaala teeka on yourself so that kisi ki nazar na lag jaaye. 🙂

  5. Wow woman…you got some impeccable taste! The ring is certainly to die for. Brendan shld read the blog for (lets call it) subtle hints 🙂 oh yea… we need pics..the saree, the ring, the brendan and the pretty you!! -G

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