All that I need

What a fantastic weekend. I slept very little because there was so much going on. Friday night was utterly SHITE as my inglorious boss made me stay till midnight yet another Friday ruining any chance of my having a social life. Regardless I went to meet zip and a coupla girls for non-drinks (I was on antibiots) and returned at 2. Had to wake up early after to do a meet-and-greet with my new sofa! IT IS THE AWESOMENESS…like sitting on a cloud or some bunnies or a heap of cotton or a heapy cloud of cotton bunnies… you get the gist. I love it and though I am beginning to rethink of my choice of colour .. natural twill (that’s a stylish way of saying I picked the un-dyed, cheapest, most natural fabric from the lineup), I think I can make it work with a little bit of care and some color throw by way of accessories. It’s bright and very much in sync with the rest of my sundrenched living room. An occasional table set and couple of simple vases filled with fresh flowers and there you have it – home sweet new york.

So the sofa is fantabulous and since I was awake already, I cleaned the apartment (this was much-needed) and then went over to zip’s apartment for some scrumptious Indian food. Then I met Chiquita for a heart-to-heart. And then I met another Swedish classmate for Swedish espresso and chocolate balls that were delicious, and to think this place is a hop skip and a jump away from my place. I wanted to be nicely dressed and yet weather-appropriate – it was cold, rainy and humid. I wore my brand new Just Cavalli teeshirt with black “formal shorts”– I love this tee to bits – it’s pretty and flowery and very Cavalli.

The rest of the evening was spent at bcbgmaxazria trying on dresses and in particular this one coral colored (coral is my colour of the season) dress that was absolutely gorgeous. Pity, they didn’t have my size – only XS and L. I needed the S. I called other stores that evening and they didn’t seem to have it. But in a last-ditch effort, I called one downtown and they did! So I convinced them to hold it for me and finally said pretty dress came into my possession on Sunday evening. Meanwhile I bought the golden bangle that matched it. It’s fabulous and I cannot wait to be a few kilos lighter and wear them both.

Then there was dinner with another friend and then three bottles of wine with Zip and another cousin (while we sat on the floor because I was too anal about having red wine in the vicinity of a white couch). Sunday I was up early again, got my nails done. My first mani/pedi in the city – it was cheap and convenient, the place is open till 11pm and doesn’t charge too much . I need to keep the nails in good shape till the engagement so I am not going to chew on them every time my boss springs a nasty surprise on me.

After that I went to the Village, which is a really cute neighbourhood in downtown manhattan. I had to buy my pink maxazria dress after all and I finally did. I found it and it fit and it was glorious. As I walked back, I stopped at adidas, where I picked up some cute gym clothes (that I hope will inspire me to work out more and lose some of the lard before the engagement). The gym was closed by then but well the thought counts.

I really miss Brendan and as per the instructions of my girlfriends, I have actually started “counting down” –because that means I am getting increasingly terrified of how horrid I am going to look at the engagement (I am at a record high weight and no I am not kidding) but also because I am really excited to see Brendan again. Some days (and nights) are very hard on me, I miss being with him and a phone call just doesn’t cut it. And I am excited to wear a ring that he will have picked. It’s surreal and I don’t know if it has all sunk in yet. Maybe when I see the ring? Or when I pick out the saree? Maybe when I see him in the context of family and Bombay and Indian food and floral decorations? Oh my god, I just freaked myself out.

Right after writing this, I had a mini drama in my life. Brendan picked the ring. Leo tells me it’s beautiful. Now it has finally sunk in. I am engaged. I need a drink and I mean that in the nicest way.


6 thoughts on “All that I need

  1. "Pity, they didn’t have my size – only XS and L. I needed the S. ""increasingly terrified of how horrid I am going to look at the engagement (I am at a record high weight and no I am not kidding)"Need I say more? I mean, if size S is horrid to you, every woman you meet must look horrid to you? Unless you only hang out with people size S or less?

  2. deepa, nidhi, the girl who ate everything – aww thanks..anon – i am only 5 ft zero..i am actually over weight for my height..however i am an S by US standards 🙂 every woman is taller than me, thats for sure…far from horrid..

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