remember the time

I met an old friend yesterday for a drink or should I say someone who used to be a friend and now is merely an acquaintance who keeps a safe distance. She is a good person and I have nothing against her. But I see in her what I see in so many of my female friends who got married – a superiority complex. She has turned into a typical DINKs type who compares everything everywhere to her own super-awesome worry-free existence and is only all too quick to judge. I am happy for her but being unmarried (at least the moment) doesn’t make me any less fantastic. She was surprised to learn that I save money despite my ridiculous shopping benders. She was surprised that my apartment was a decent size (she said, and I quote, she wanted to check it out to see what all the fuss on facebook was about.) She made little of my job and my company, even though she knows I did reasonably well for myself. She said she couldn’t meet today because she had plans with married people. Obviously I don’t fit the demographic. As my colleague rightly said, such women think “All women want to steal and bed my husband in positions I can’t even dream of”. What other rationale excuse can you have for not even inviting someone who used to be a good friend to you and take care of you whenever you visited her city to dinner at your supposedly lovely home? Wouldn’t you want to introduce an old friend to your husband, seeing as the two have never met? Or are you really that paranoid even after being married for 2 years?

Well, whatever. As zip observed, she’s in too much of a hurry to be all grown up. Maturity is over-rated. And it’s only too ironic that I must think of this now, now that I have found out that Michael Jackson has moved on from this world. In a world where most of us want to grow up, he wanted to continue being a child forever. I think it’s sad that he always had an abnormal and sad life despite the fact that he gave us so much in terms of music and dance. I am a child of the 80s and my first dance performance was to “Remember the time”.

I know it’s clichéd to say something nice about someone right after they’ve passed away but it’s Michael Jackson for crying out loud! There has never been and there never will be ANYONE like him. And yes I did hate him at one point but then a year or so ago, I read in detail about his life and how unfair it had been. People with less fucked up childhood have turned out to be murderers and rapists, so well, with his childhood, it’s no surprise that he was confused and strange. In fact, to have no childhood at all and turn into the greatest pop icon on the planet… that’s greatness. Anyone and I mean anyone from an 80-year old in Kazakhistan to a 7-year old in India would know him, his music and his dance. I don’t think even Lennon or Presley can boast of that much stardom and truly universal popularity. So long, MJ and thanks for all the memories.


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