I knew I loved you

It’s July 1st already! Can you believe it’s over 4 months since I’ve been here? More importantly, it’s 2 more days to India…and 1 more week to seeing Brendan and a few more than that to be being engaged! I am looking forward to this trip if not just for that then for the one time that I can be in India and really be accepted by everyone because i have finally taken the bait and decided to “settle down”. It’s quite a different story though that we haven’t set a date for the wedding and we are in no hurry to do that.

The last weekend was crazy – I spent most of it shopping. Now before you go bouncing off the walls, let me inform you that I was not shopping for myself..most of the time. I was shopping for the family and by family I mean my family, my fiancé and the in-laws. Gulp.

Saturday was spent skyping with mom who has been graciously easing my errands by finding the stuff she wants online. Endless bags and clutches and shoes were ordered on Endless.com. They arrived yesterday – comfortable and stylish heels that mom will love to wear (she’s short like me, so no flats!), bejewelled flats for grandma to wear at the engagement, evening bags and clutches for mom and mom-in-law – anything to make the leading ladies of both families look their best. Boo, being the spoilt brat that he is, had a long list of things he needed from the sister who is finally seeing a paycheck again after what seems like centuries…ed hardy jeans, ralph lauren tees, dress shirts for the new job he starts soon, PSP games.. I have obliged. Groan.

On Sunday, I had other things to buy from the list. The first and the most important thing was an Hermes tie for Brendan to wear with his new bespoke suit. Why Hermes? Nothing but the best for my baby! No seriously, I think Hermes is the best when to comes to silk accessories and I have always bought into their pretty orange boxes and someday I hope I can have a beautiful scarf to call my own. Swoon. Anyway, yes the plan on Sunday was to first go to Hermes. I put on a pretty dress because I wanted to be treated right (and you can think that’s super pretentious but that’s how these damned stores are) and I called them in advance and what do i find out? THEY ARE CLOSED ON SUNDAY! Doesn’t get more French than zhat, does eet? Fuck and double fuck! Now you’re thinking, what’s the big deal, go on Monday or Tuesday or whenever, right? wrong, because I knew the week would be too busy for me to be able to leave before 6 (and yes the store closes at 6!). And then it dawned on me, if not Hermes then…..Ferragamo…Salvatore Ferragamo (“I can kill you with a single tie… ha ha”). I called the store and praise the lord, it was open. The guard who opened the door said “Good afternoon, ma-am, you look lovely today”. Why thank you! (Yes I am gullible). A nice Lebanese salesman helped me pick and model the ties on himself (he had on a grey suit and Brendan also plans to wear grey) and I chose one within ten minutes of entering the store. It is a purple spotty tie in shiny silk and the design is woven as opposed to printed; it wasn’t on sale but it wasn’t expensive either and I can only hope that Brendan likes it. Mission Success.

Next stop, perfume and makeup shopping intended for the sister-in-law-to-be. I picked up a DKNY perfume set for Brendan’s sister at Sephora and then I went into Bloomingdales to hunt for a discontinued Dior perfume that my grandmom likes. Here I ended up getting a free eye makeup lesson and buying some nice makeup. The makeup artist at the Lancome counter did a vibrant eye makeover at my request that it match a pink or purple saree – he must have used 10 brushes and 5 shades and God knows know many bases/primers. I walked off with two shades of eyeshadow in pink and bronze and several freebies (that had the other shades I needed to complete the look, whooopeee!). All I need to do now is buy some brushes and practise, not unlike what one would do if one painted. In between I picked up a highlighter (read a stick that makes my undereye area look more appealing) while being told that I have hideous skin and that I have no clue when it comes to skincare. For what it’s worth I am having an explosion of freckles on my face and it is inexplicable and worrisome and I need to see a dermatologist when Iget back. (But regardless not wearing primer, highlighter, foundation and concealer on a daily basis isn’t a crime!)

And so it was a pretty productive day even though I didn’t technically cross out most of the list until yesterday. It did get overwhelming – the pressure to make sure that every member of both families like what you get for them, the realization that you have to think about two families or that you have to use the suffix “in-law” in your vocabulary. Who would have thought that shopping leads to introspection?!

This morning (or rather this evening in Singapore), Brendan picked up my ring. Can I get a woohoo?! Super Sap-tastic post title dedicated to my baby of course! * croons,” I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life” and swoons*


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