Strawberry Swing

More than two weeks ago, I started this post at bombay airport…I’ve recorded every miniscule detail of the engagement so read at your own risk. The only detail I’ve missed out is the one day Brendan and I had to ourselves – the day he proposed to me, the day we tried to go to my favourite Rajasthani restaurant for lunch but instead got stranded in traffic and rain and ended up eating haji ali pizza in the car (if you’re from bombay, you are totally “getting” this). Ohkay, I guess that covers it.

It’s yet another airport post and this time it’s being typed with henna-ed hands with french manicured tips and more importantly, whilst wearing a pristinely beautiful diamond ring. The past week has been overwhelming in more ways than one. There was a little bit of everything – a little bit of filial piety, a little bit of intimacy with the fiance, a little bit of a lot of great food, a little bit of fabulous Indian fashion, I don’t quite know what to start with. I am very happy and extremely sad – happy to have had such a lovely week, such a lovely ceremony and so much love while the thought of leaving everything I hold dear behind breaks my heart just a wee bit. Maybe it’s the fact that New York is so much farther away than anywhere else I’ve ever lived in that the distance makes me ten times more homesick and lovesick.
I dropped Brendan off at the airport and didn’t really cry. I was holding back and besides, I had already cried my heart out in the unlikiest of places – an Italian restaurant, not too far from my house. (This picture of the ring was taken a mere few hours earlier at our movie date, minutes after he “proposed”). I feel miserable knowing that I cannot be (at least not right now) in the same postal code as the sweetest person in the world. I feel angry knowing that I am wholly to blame for the position I am. I feel confused because I don’t want to do something drastic to fix the problem. But I do know that Brendan and I are heading in the right direction. There is comfort in looking at his precious face across the banquet hall, where we are seated cross-legged as the priest speaks a language we don’t nearly understand, that he is the one. Sigh.
The families seemed to get along really well and that was a relief of sorts and inspiring too to see that two families that couldn’t be more different really made an effort to mingle and socialise and be friendlier than was well, required. While the entire engagement went down tam brahm style, the in-laws to be paid close attention to all the proceedings and finally requested the priest to add some pahaadi rituals at the end – It was really cute, I held a pot of water on my head and then they drank from it.
My sarees were totally fabulous – the only thing I could have asked for was that I got to wear them for equal amounts of time. I ended up wearing the first one only for an hour – the first hour – and most of the people ended up arriving late enough to miss it. Said first one was a Kancheepuram silk in lotus pink with overall zari and truly fantastic embroidery all over that in gold and stones and mirrors. It was a Kancheepuram saree like no other and everyone seemed to agree. I wore a pretty-much backless blouse with it with shoe lace tie-ups at the back. Very cute and it played off the weight of the saree nicely. I matched it with diamond and pink sapphire earrings (ones I’d been saving for exactly this sa ree) and the diamond necklace my mom wore at her wedding. It had that “something old” and “something borrowed” feel. The other saree in sheer contrast (pun intended) was a sheer saree made entirely with bright silver and diamante embroidery. I matched this with a diamond necklace and earrings set that grandma bought me from tbz a couple of years ago.
The shoes – I had to search high and low and I finally found a pair that was perfect – (Thin) strappy mules studded with pale pink diamante – they couldn’t have matched both sarees more perfectly. The heels were 3.5 inches high – high enough for me to look tall and low enough to be comfortable. Now if only the priest didn’t ask me to remove them.
For the first hour, Brendan wore a cream kurta with red embroidery – thank heavens it wasn’t one of those done-to-death shervani with bandhini dupatta combinations that don’t look good on anyone whose name isn’t Shah Rukh Khan. He wore the cutest pair of white jootis with it and I was thoroughly impressed with how boyish he looked. His grey bespoke suit was stylish as hell and fitted him like a glove. The Salvatore Ferragamo purple tie looked utterly amazing against the grey and white and I am so proud of myself for that, of course my little purchase pales in comparison to the 5 digit ring purchase and indeed mr.fiance had to rub that in my face!
The food was fabulous and I am not just saying that because it was my engagement. Booboo had suggested the venue and it was one where a lot of celebrity weddings take place in Mumbai. The servers (in suits) served the yummiest of appetisers – basil paneer tikkas, spring rolls, corn cheese balls and hara bhara kababs. I only got to eat a couple of these after the ceremony (I was starving till 12!)…The lunch menu was amazing as well and I was told that the desserts were the best – I would tend to agree except that I thought that even the mains were stunning. There was a dosa station serving up 7 kinds of dosas. The makai palak was to die for as was the paneer lababdaar. The dessert spread was vast – 5 different kinds of cakes that kept changing every 15 minutes, hot jalebis with rabri and finally the crown jewels – malai kulfee and chikki kulfee. If it wasn’t my own engagement, I would have buried my face in that kulfee.

So anyway, the whole thing went quite smoothly – I got two cute clutches, one from Nicky and the other from my mom’s best friend. Lime green and hot pink – we likey! We also received several bouquets – I found it quite wasteful because what is one family supposed to do with 40 bouquets?!

I was back in NYC on Monday and back in the office at 7 tuesday morning. Sigh, life is one heck of a curveball. One Sunday later, I was hungover from a batshit crazy party (I will tell you more about this madness soon) and mom starts planning the wedding. Being Indian is delightful…ly painful.

Coming up next: Jups’ aforementioned batshit insane housewarming party and Jups’ crazy Sunday spent in a swampy Coldplay concert. And speaking of which,

Now the sky could be blue

I don’t mind

Without you it’s a waste of time

Now the sky could be blue

Could be grey

Without you I’m just miles away………………………


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  1. Sorry.. I can't post pictures to the www and expose the blog…it's a bit risky since I work for a bank :S and besides, Juice has always been anonymous.. no real names..if you email me, I'll mail you the pictures..

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