i got a feeling

Right. I finally have a few free minutes to breathe, think, write. What a horrible few weeks it has been. Work has been utterly crazy – no time for lunch, working past midnight, too many issues, too much pressure. I am running a slight temperature and I don’t feel too good. I have no time to clean the apartment or do laundry or cook…I can’t remember the last time I cooked something and that’s a huge deal for me. I have gained 3-4 kilos i.e. I’ve gained everything I worked so hard to lose before the engagement and then some. I feel gross and unhealthy and my back is stiff from sitting at my chair and from not getting any exercise. I haven’t seen the pool in over a month nor have I had a chance to try the new coconut bubble bath I ordered online. I haven’t had time to order myself a pair of comfortable shoes that I really badly need. I haven’t had the time to buy my mandatory new birthday outfit (which is a non-negotiable!)
And that brings me to the grouse of the day. My birthday. If you read the Juice as fervently and enthusiastically as I do (and you should), you should know Jups’ annual birthday tradition – the birthday rhyme. Granted I realize I broke this awesome tradition in 2008 but I’ll be damned if I didn’t keep it this year. There is a lot to crib about but there is a lot to be grateful for too.

(Minutes later, I was interrupted… for a week)…

After having my birthday week completely ruined for a project that got canned on the following Sunday (after I had worked a couple hours on the Saturday and Sunday as well), I was quite determined to have fun on the weekend. On friday night, I went out to Hoboken to a friend’s party – I use the term friend loosely as it was a french girl who I had “picked up” the previous saturday – she was drunk out of her mind and in no position to go home alone and so i let her stay at my place…Fun eh? We even had brunch the next day. Anyway, that was friday night…Saturday was spent cleaning cleaning cleaning and then I had dinner at a lovely Thai resto with Zip. And then we forced ourselves to go clubbing – we went to a dodgy little bar in the east village. On Sunday, I went on a dress hunt – this time I was coveting another BCBG dress in regal blue silk with assymetric lines. I have been wanting this dress since the day it was launched couple of months ago..but it was too expensive.. now that it was on sale, I just had to have it. And I do. It is gorgeous (don’t you think so?) and not very practical but the colour is an almost-purple – it is very flattering and I fit into a size 2 (it is a loose-ish dress). I also made off with two gorgeous maillots (and would have bought another bikini too but I am still overweight and hardly bikini ready). I threw in a pair of hoop earrings I was mighty pleased with myself. Zip and I then went to B&H to check out cameras and while we didn’t buy anything (the store closes too soon), I have a good idea of what I want.

As part of the continued celebrations of “making up for the lost birthday”, I signed up for an at&t iphone plan – so I finally have an iphone and that is one of the reasons I am able to post this picture from work.I did however have to pay a solid 500$ as deposit because I have no credit history and that (along with the cufflink purchases that you will read about soon) has effectively wiped out my bank balance for this fortnight and that’s the first that’s happened to me in new york. Sigh. I have to last 10 days on 170$ now.
The good news is that “there’s an app for everyone” and my app is a “lose it” program that helps me track my food intake!

I also had to spend 200$ on cufflinks from some English designer that happened to go on scale today. Why? Because I bought these cute cufflinks and shirts for my brother and ups-ed them to my cousin who took the shirts but threw the ups box with the cufflinks into the garbage. Painful, I know. So to make up for his disappointment, I purchased these new ones and now i have to figure out a foolproof way of sending them to India.

In other “I dont need a man” news, I finally gave up on waiting for the maintenance guys to help me hang up my paintings and did it myself. It took me 1.5 hours to do it but I did it and I did it right. You’re thinking, why would it take that long? Well, because my paintings are large and heavy (relative to my height anyway) and because they have double holes not a single one to hang by. And that means you have to be precise about the nails because you can’t adjust shit once it’s all done. So that means several measurments and only one attempt to get it right. The first painting came out right. The second – well, the nails ended up being 30.5 inches apart when they should have been 31. Oops. There was no way I could hammer another nail .5 inches away, the outer glove for the nail itself was broader than that. So I cheated. I moved the holes on the painting by unscrewing the hangers and re-screwing them on 30.5 inches apart. And voila. All done, the apartment suddenly looks all set up. Now for some pictures…

And now, I just returned from a very (too) filling lunch at Tao, a famous restaurant (that was once featured on sex and the city) – thank God that I have a relaxed friday (compared to last week when I worked until 11pm on friday). Plan for the evening:clean up apartment – I have guests arriving tonight (and apparently they have brought me gifts). wooo hooooo and tonight’s gonna be a good good night….

let’s hope it’s a bon weekend!

p.s. And by the time this post was published, I had gone to the pool in a brand new maillot, had a bubble bath in the coconutty bath bubbles, walked back home from work twice and thus gotten some exercise. I still haven’t ordered the shoes (and can’t thanks to my bank balance) and I still haven’t written the birthday poem.


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