how does it make you feel?

it’s a rather uninspired Wednesday night, the night before thanksgiving. I am lying stomach-down on my enormous, tall bed. I’ve watched requiem for a dream and then eddie izzard’s live show back to back. I still haven’t finished that cover letter which is due in 2 days. This is not good.
I had a huge argument with Brendan this morning. Not good either. Work’s not been that heavy this week but somehow I have still chewed out all my nails and they look terrible. On the bright side, I bought three beautiful handbags last weekend. My mom’s visiting me in New York for Christmas and New year’s and while that doesn’t make me feel any better about the fact Brendan and I will go for our third year not-together-on-new-year’s-eve, it does make me feel better about the fact that I won’t be completely alone. And who knows, by the time I’m done with this post, I might just be inspired enough to finish my cover letter. Life’s little victories.


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