Part 1:
It has been a downright atrocious week which is I am sort of relieve to be here at Newark airport typing this…yes another airport post.. Studies have shown that 2 out of every three posts that Jups posts is an airport post and the Jups will niether confirm nor deny that this has to something to do with the frequency or trips and/or the lack of free time. Confused?

Oh well, as it happens, I am waiting for a flight to the motherland, to bombay to attend Clumsy’s wedding and then onwards to Chennai (isn’t it funny that so many people here don’t know where or what Chennai is?) to attend Zip and En’s wedding. It’s going to be fabulous!

And it is a well deserved break considering the last few weeks have been so busy that I couldn’t even schedule a fucking waxing appointment and my salon is actually open until 11pm for crying out loud. I worked until 2am last night and my head is still pounding from the lack of sleep and exhaustion because I had to finish all my packing this morning. Fucking crazy.

And that’s the reason I can barely type anything because I feel almost hungover but without the alcohol. I had resigned to 2 weeks of eating lunch and dinner in the office, shopping online for last minute psp games for booboo and coming back home just way too late but still somehow making sure I had enough clean underwear.

Part 2:
I am continuing this post on my way back .. on the plane back to Newark. I have mischievously changed my wallpaper back to my favorite picture of Brendan and me taken at Pangkil using iphoto from a benign underwater scene more suitable for family. I just finished watching Love Aaj Kal – the only hindi movie (besides Luck by Chance) I have seen (and finished) in nearly a year – a very cute movie about long-distance relationships that Zip’s mother’s friends suggested that I see. Call me deprived but I am such a sucker for a storybook romance with a happy ending, love conquers all philosophies and heaps of music. Heaven knows I want that in my own life. And did I mention ultra cute lyrics, albeit on stolen tunes? Chor Bazaari might be the happiest breakup song ever.

The weddings were both fabulous, I was on the boy’s side for Clumsy’s and on the girl’s side for Zip’s (though that is a technicality) and so I did the baaraati’s dance for one and the sangeet dance for the other; either way there was a lot of dancing. My outfits failed gloriously despite tons of planning. For Clumsy’s wedding, my blouses didn’t get ready and I ended up wearing mom’s and grandma’s saris. For Zip’s wedding, the same tailor made my blouse totally different from what I wanted but at least it fit so it worked. My sari however, given the lack of time, didn’t wear itself as immaculately as it should have and that was of course my fault in some part. I was suddenly aware of my partipation in the actual wedding ceremony as part of the thaalam girls in a true Malayalee style custom at the beginning of the wedding (Ten girls – usually friends/cousins of the bride – carry brass plates with lamps and flowers and walk into the venue and circumvent the venue to the tune of glorious music, as the bridegroom follows them. Lather rinse repeat but this time with the bride). Candles and open pallus don’t work, pleating pallus and I don’t work either. Something had to give. I can only hope that my fresh makeup and hairdo (which progressively degenerated as the day went on) saved the “performance”. On the previous day though, I had two cute salwar kameezes that proved handy for the dance that we did – A-to-A, Zip’s school friend and I put up “sasooral genda phool” and “aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche”… The dance wasn’t bad per se, quite the contrary but I think I am scarred for life after seeing the video of my expansive rearend shaking like there’s no tomorrow.

I was back to Mumbai on Sunday, and I directly went from the airport to Peshawari, a restaurant at the Maratha Sheraton to have dinner with the family since I had barely spent any time with them the whole trip Of course, the pivotal discussion was, you guessed it right, wedding planning – mine that is. Discussing possible venues, possible places to buy sarees, possible ceremonies and miscellaneous events, possible dates – the sheer impossibility of planning an Indian wedding, no make that TWO Indian weddings, never fails to make me reel.


7 thoughts on “twist

  1. Girl, you have to help me out. Would you wear knee boots to work, with a pencil skirt, and cute waistline-enhancing fitted shirt? I have a crush on this cute guy.. and want to get a second look at our christmas party (during work hours though).. but will the senior people take it the wrong way.. boots always get a bad rap, what with julia roberts in pretty woman and all, but still. I think they look great, any woman's legs look awesome in boots, and gawd, if only he would look at me instead of at the air around me. Ai ai ai, I'm dying here! Please, please comment back asap. I HAVE TO KNOW.Are knee boots ok for work?

  2. Boots are fabulous! I wouldn't worry about Julia Roberts at all.. everyone wears boots, right? Except in warm countries, so I must ask, where are you? If the boots are the ultra sexy, pointy, high-heeled sorts, go easy on the rest of the outfit, i.e. no cleavage, etc.If you're in a warm country, I'd recommend a well-fitted dress and closed or peep-toe pumps. I'd recommend a dress every day of the year, for that matter 😉

  3. thank you! I'm here in the US, also in a place where it's f***ing cold. so that'll work I guess, and keep me warm too :)I'm not the cleavage sorts, so I'll go for my sexy boots. yay! thanks for responding so quickly.. you should have a fashion hotline! :)) love your blog!

  4. ok, boots rocked, feet are killing me, talked to him for a long time, and got shot down (meaning, he said, not right now, but thanks) when I asked if he wanted to go get a coffee later. Geez, it's just a coffee break! he is a little senior to me in the firm, so maybe he didn't want to deal with all that. I feel awful just for asking now. totally sucks. coffee break can be professional right? forget my intentions (which were just to get to know more than his name), but I'm asking about perception..

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