Whatever you like

In the spirit of Christmas, my boss did not overload me like a work mule and instead, let me go home early, i.e. at 730 pm. I came home and spoke to parents, Brendan’s sister (who lives in boston) and then to Brendan.

I opened up the delivery boxes from my online shopping – one with three tubs of body butter for my parched, itchy skin and one with two silk garments from hautelook.com. The garments in question? A deconstructed graphite print silk dress and a similarly deconstructed racer back silk top both from the fabulous Los Angeles designer, Meghan Fabulous. Yes I admit I do like the quirky and au currant styles that define Californian fashion. The dress matches fabulously with a grey leather bag – one of three Rebecca Minkoff creations that I bought last month.

I have to confess: When you’re having a shitty week, fortnight or month, it’s okay to say, put on a cute silk dress, accessorise it with the most adorable purple d’orsays, and say, walk around the apartment dressed like so. I mean, if that makes you feel good and say, if the deconstructed look is not only oh-so-in-the-now but also helps hide the 9 kilos of excess fat (some of which you’ve piled on in the recent months by not exercising and by eating unhealthy takeout at the office desk), then I say power to you. It’s your apartment and you can do whatever you like.

I then cooked – I made a hyderabadi mirchi ka salan and fresh home made chapatis to go with them. I changed into jammies of course before embarking on said expedition. Next, uncluttered the kitchen and the medicine cabinet, folded the washed clothes, hunted for my second pair of gloves (for mom), and generally arranged the apartment for mom’s arrival (in 2 more days). There’s still work to be done in my apartment as it’s still quite, as the french would say, desordonee. For instance I still have to return my more than exuberent orders of boots (4 pairs more than what I needed) – 4 pairs of boots in 4 huge boxes that they shipped = not a pretty sight in the living room. In any case, I am being productive and efficient whether I am at home or at the office.

Brendan and I have mellowed down. After our epic fight on Saturday, things are looking better…paradoxically. We fight, we love, we fight, we love. That’s what happens when you decide that you have found that one special person you want to make miserable for the rest of your life.

p.s. forgive the nails. They look appalling what with the diseased colour of worn out henna and my chewing them incessantly thanks to all the work stress.


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