oye como va

On Sunday morning, I am off to sunshiney Cancun in sunshiney Mexico for business. I’ll be there for a good 9 days, of which the last two will be “vacation time”; I am excited…about my first visit to latin america. I guess it will mean a little more going to a place I read and write about on a daily basis (no, not the coco bongo!). I am excited to eat real Mexican food, I am sure it will be out of this world. I am going to see Chechen Itza, I hope that’s fun. I am going to do all of this alone and somehow, that’s okay.
I am also looking forward to a change of scenery, a change of pace from the thunderous roller-coaster ride that the last few weeks have been. My life has been less than special (to say the least) in the past few weeks. Of course, mom is visiting and though she leaves tomorrow, her visit is probably the nicest thing that’s happened in a while. And I’ve lost some weight thanks to eating healthier.
So yes, some rest & relaxation, some spa-time, some time for introspection , some prayer will help my battered soul right now. Try not to miss me too much in the meantime because I sure as hell will be writing from Cancun to tell you how I am doing.


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