i love you

I just dropped Brendan off at the airport. He was here for what seemed like a few minutes even though in reality it was a couple of days. A couple of days isn’t enough when you have so much to say to each other, and when you haven’t seen each other in several months. It hardly seems fair that circumstances wouldn’t grant you a week, a fortnight, a month of togetherness. No, just a couple of days. To reject or affirm, to love or to yell at, to hold or to let go.

I am not ready to let go. I am not ready to give up. Then again, he has to make the same choice. I hope he does. He says love isn’t enough. I think he’s wrong there. Love is more than enough. Call me a fool, call me a believer but love is enough as long as it’s a two way street. I would probably write out some terrible cliches on love, but I think you get the point. There are some things worth fighting for. I really wish Brendan wouldn’t lose sight of the much much bigger picture, the giant mural in favour of the medium-to-small sized painting.
The fridge is crammed with leftovers from the last couple of meals – I cooked a great deal even though we only had two meals at home. Wow. I just realised we only had 5 meals together. That’s nothing. That’s just nothing. What I wouldn’t give for him to stay longer. I knew he couldn’t and it’s some consolation that it wasn’t his choice to leave so soon. Inshallah, he will come and visit me again soon and this time, for longer.
Lord help me, I really do love that boy…(and I cannot think of a better song to title this post that the sappiest of sappy Sarah McLachlan numbers that, with impeccable timing, played on my iphone just as I boarded the bus to return from the airport). Sigh.

One thought on “i love you

  1. Am really happy to see a chirpy post! It will all sort out! And yea.. I agree with you on the fact that love is more than enough, it is hard to find true love and it is all that you need to make everything else work. I thought it was too cliched and I let go, and I let him let go, that's when the pain set in and it can never completely go away! Good luck with ething!-G

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