It’s an abnormally boring day at work. The boss is away and I cannot do the things I’ve been assigned for various reasons. My mind wanders and when my wind wanders, my bank balance dwindles. You know that stupid badgley mischka dress I ordered that didn’t fit? Well that stupid store only had store credit so I was stuck with 170$ of credit that I wasn’t willing to risk on another stupid dress. A month ago, I used a part of it to buy extremely discounted calvin klein sports clothes (because I am a such a fitness freak). Since then, I’ve been sitting on the rest…until yesterday. I was so bored that I ordered a knife – an expensive ceramic knife for 50$. I say expensive because well, the four knives in my kitchen are from the 8$ knife and block set from IKEA. I was bored and I had to use up that store credit. And I used the rest of the credit today by ordering (out of sheer boredom) a calvin klein dress. It’s cute and blue and again I do run the risk that it doesn’t fit but I am unwilling to shell out more money behind bad money.

My obsession with Anthropologie continues…that store is determined to loot me of my last penny. I have the email address of the store stylist and I am debating whether or not to email him. On the plus side, he knows what he’s doing and whatever he shows you, you want to buy. On the minus side is your wallet (literally). In my defense, I need a couple of nice belts to accessorise my dresses and make them a little less sheath-like.

Unfortunately, writing this post isn’t really helping with my boredom and I’d rather be in a store shopping. And I am hungry. I am not supposed to eat a lot because I have been binging these past few days and yesterday’s restaurant take out made me hurl several times at night. Ouch.

And speaking of food, I really hate lunch hour. The past year, I have been suffering without a lunch buddy to go fishing for food with. People are either too healthconscious to eat anything but soup and salad (even the guys) or they bring their own lunch with them. Not saying it’s a bad thing because frankly I also bring my own lunch sometimes. Midtownlunch.com has all these great recommendations for lunch and sometimes I do I really miss those days though when I could go out for long lunches with Shortie and bitch about. Sigh. I am so bored!

Over the weekend, I was supposed to go skiing but this really didn’t pan out thanks to the dreadful weather. So yeah, I am really quite bored. My plan of hitchhiking a trip to California in May also fell through as did my plan to attend a wedding in Amstermdam. I think I REALLY need to take a vacation somewhere, preferably with Brendan if wishes were horses.

p.s. In other mundane news, I just found out that I mysteriously ripped the sleeve off my old floral print shirt…waaoooon! And just this morning I was so proud of owning something that wasn’t from Anthro but looked like Anthro (it was from cotton world in bombay!). Rolled up the sleeves just now so noone would notice.
p.p.s I am so bored that this song does not match this post and I couldn’t be bothered (it took me three hours to write something in the title..)


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