cemeteries of london

Welcome to my world – a world of unending uncertainty and earth-shattering disappointment. A world where deluded little Jups plans a surprise birthday party for Brendan and organizes a lovely trip to Jamaica and prepares a full two week itinerary filled with amazing things to do, see and eat in new york only to find out that Brendan’s boss has wilfully cancelled his trip and is sending him off to London instead. So there goes Brendan’s vacation. There go Jup’s awesome plans. There goes HER vacation because she actually took two weeks off to spend time with Brendan. There goes any evidence of there being a semblance of fairness in this Godforsaken world. I give up on everything – love, relationships, loyalty, hope, humanity and kindness. Fuck you cruel world.

P.S. It sucks that my relationship fell victim to the recession, but to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? I did not fucking see that one coming.


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