vanilla twilight

Dear Juice,

It’s been a long time. A really long time. So this one might as well be just for the simple purpose of telling you that I am still alive, because other than that, I don’t even where to begin. I thought of you on Monday because in an unfortunate incident, I ended up having all five fingers crushed by the errant door of a trash chute. I had to go to the doctor and having pierce my nail with a cauterised paper clip so that the blood could flow out of the finger. Needless to say, it was not pretty. It was and still is very painful (and purple). But the point is that I felt the need to tell you about it.

I spent bright and sunshiney memorial day weekend in Cape May New Jersey and it should have been a relaxing holiday except that it wasn’t. I guess that traveling with colleagues isn’t the same as working with them or even socialising with them and the trip turned out being one giant “let’s rip on Jups” misadventure. Whatever.

Early June I went to Madrid again for another training module and spent a week there. Tweaked the return ticket and swung by Bombay to spend time with the parents. I guess I had had enough of keeping them in the dark about the nauseating roller ride that has been my life since late last year. So in that sense, it was a great trip. The folks were disappointed, to say the least.

As for me, I am back in New York now, trying to enjoy the summer and my remaining time in the city the best I can. Brendan still hasn’t visited me and I don’t think he will.

Life and love disappoint, yet again. Or as Radiohead would say, “No alarms and no surprises”.


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