The days are flying by.. tuesday just closed in and the packers arrive on thursday. I feel the same as I do before any flight. Have I packed enough? What if I leave something behind? Should I buy one more dress? What if I run out of clothes? or underwear? or shoes?

Today is a jam-packed day – I have to go to the container store to buy garment sleeves for my clothes (to protect them as they make a tumultuous journey across the proverbial seven seas. I have to go a wine store to find me a long-overdue wine crate. I have to go to Macys and use up a gift card. I have to go to the apple store and convince them to unlock my phone. I have to buy eye cream. I have to go Anthropologie and J Crew to see their pre-fall collections and make away with some last minute acquisitions (because lord knows when I’ll get to do that again!). I have to go to the office and clear out my desk. I have to buy thank you cards for my building staff. I have to buy alcohol for the nice baristas at starbucks who practically gave me free coffees all year round. I have to get my eyebrows shaped. I have to return my modem and cable box.
You’d think I was goofing off the last few days, right? To some extent I have. But I also spent a lotta time with friends, partied until 6 am, visited Staten Island, and did a decent amount of packing…
I am sweeping the apartment right now which is ironic, because by the time the packers are done, it will be trashed anyway. More later. Wish me luck because there is nothing on earth that makes you feel more single and more alone than packing up an entire apartment.

2 thoughts on “Dynamite

  1. Good luck. I moved apartments and that was a bitch! I can only imagine. So again, good luck. I know you knwo this, but eventually everything turns out alright. Just hang in there. Or may be have a drink from that wine crate. 🙂

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