By the way

I’ve got two words for you… Tie-dye leather.

Three hours ago, I returned from my first saturday spent brunching and window-shopping and actually shopping… and I’ve gotta say, it was pleasant. Not that there is anything inherently unpleasant about this compact city.

The morning started out fine. I got dressed in a short stripey skirt and beaded sandals and went to the bank (on a saturday) and deposited my per diem check. Ka-Ching! The lady at the counter saw my ID and asked me if I was from New York and I said, yes, but that I was Indian. And she quipped, “You are VERY beautiful, really beautiful”. Well, okay, if that doesn’t make my day, what will? (and I had no makeup on, Bonus!)

I met a bschool classmate Jin for brunch; Jin and I are a lot alike – we’re both in finance, we both love to cook and we’re both dangerously single, we both think that we’re fatter than the average girl and sometimes we end up intimidating men without even trying. And that sucks ass. For what it’s worth, Jin’s career is a lot better than mine. We ended up spending a charming coupla hours in a restaurant called the Wagyu lounge and commiserated about HK was totally the wrong place for strong independent girls to find mates. We are both eager to return to New York should the opportunity present itself. We then discussed furniture shopping and manicures and spas. I take a lot of comfort in the fact that she is generally a cool person and will, I hope, be up for social misadventures that I will proceed to drag her to.

Then Jin and I parted ways. She went off to her manicure appoint and I to basically stroll around the wet sidewalks of Soho. I was armed with my umbrella and the shoes were low-heeled enough to walk comfortably. It felt good – it wasn’t hot at all, unlike the last few days, warm summer rain makes everything better. I stepped in and out of several stores including Karen Millen (which despite having “final sale” was still exorbitant) and then finally I walked into a small store with mannequins wearing half-sheer leggings. I dont know why but I felt that I would find something there. I did! I did!

It all started quite harmlessly at first. I bought a tank top and some jackets, some stuff didn’t fit (free size my ass!) so I decided I’d just get one leopard print tank (only 70HKD). And then I saw this really dishevelled sweater full of holes, styled over a fabulous tea-length dress. Hmmm… I tried the sweater on. Sure enough, it’s ugly but spectacularly trendy and just as net-a-porter recommends, meant to be thrown over a beautiful dress. At 358 HKD, I had to have this unique piece. And then I saw a long tee with newsprint so I asked to try that and the dress…Everything was quite lovely. I ended up getting them both simply because if I didn’t get the tee, she wouldn’t give me an additional discount and if I did, effectively it was free. I don’t know how that works.

The dress (because it deserves a separate paragraph) is phenomenal… it’s a thick luxurious fabric in dusty taupe with blue and black flowers. Very Betty Draper meets Louis Vuitton’s current collection. It’s perfect for a dinner-and-dance date with, say, a diplomat. Orangetree would have loved this dress, he had remarked that he loved (and you know guys never say that) my dresses!

But that is not all my dears. Nosiree… Because Hong Kong is home to some superfantastic shoe stores…Le Saunda is one of them – on tuesday itself, I was drawn to the “last call” sign outside this store and I walked away with a pair of very elegant white leather shoes with brown trim and a big rosette. Staccato is another. Staccato is not cheap, people. I walked in just to look at the “pretty things” as I call them. I picked up a pair of booties – over 3000 HKD. No thanks. This, like the (delicious) hot pink 3000 HKD leather jacket has to wait.

Then my eyes rolled over to the cutest pair of red gingham checked kitten heel slingbacks – perfect for an afternoon like this… perfect for walking around town while looking elegant and put together. Surely its not patent leather? Why yes it is. Surely it’s not cheap? 299 HKD. Why yes it is! Okay, I’ll try them on.

“Are all those shoes on sale?”
“Yes… and those over there”

Oh this does not end well for you, Jups.

Of course I tried a few pairs, not with the intent of buying them all. I mean, the 299 HKD one was the cheapest so it’s not like everything was a steal. So I go the cashier and she, in the manner of an angry but caring mom, admonishes me “I’LL GIVE YOU 15% DISCOUNT IF YOU BUY BOTH! BETTER FOR YOU!” …By both she meant, 4 pairs. And yes, yet again, it was cheaper to buy 4 than to buy three. But I should have only bought 2.

I’ve got two words for you… Tie-dye leather – have you even seen that before? I sure as hell haven’t. Tie-dye leather espadrilles….

I gave up. I bought 4 fucking pairs. Fashion 10,000. Jups 0.


4 thoughts on “By the way

  1. You are killing me, woman. With all the shopping details.. at least I should learn to enjoy vicariously. I can't. I want to go shopping too. Right NOW. But can't. Anyway, love the shoes!-mockingbird

  2. //while looking elegant and put together. Haha I love that expression! Such a nonchalant way of saying why I need this or that… I do that too!The shoes are lovely! Now such are the posts we want to see – happy and full of shopping details!

  3. Silvara – Thanks, it certainly is!mockingbird – uh… how to kill a mockingbird? now i know.. haha (lame joke. i know)the girl who ate too much – But of course love, no excuse is too shallow if you wanna justify a shoe purchase

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