Shake it

It’s a Monday night…I just finished feeding myself (sauteed eggplant slices with good old yogurt rice). Work is alright, I am still quite green behind the ears as far as this sales stuff is concerned but thankfully I am not being rushed into anything. Guy thinks I work too fast anyway. I have been told that there will be some business travel involved and it excites me; I mean, I shouldn’t get my hopes up but Tokyo, Sydney and Abu Dhabi seem to be on the cards…

As is Singapore. With a far greater probability to boot. Which sucks donkey balls.

I joined a gym today. A really fancy expensive gym. The most expensive gym in Hong Kong. I don’t know what came over me… some of the people I know here go to this gym and lord knows I need to shed some weight. In fact, I am not fitting into some clothes and my face has had an epic breakout of zits (or two) and it’s probably due to the fact that my body (and brain) are full of toxins? Who the hell knows. All I know is that a little bit of yoga and a whole lotta treadmill cannot be bad for you. Everyone loves a sexier Jups. (Seriously you should see my face right now, it’s a fucking warzone).

Saturday was really fun. I took my leopard printed satin top and skinny (ahem?) jeans for a spin. Leafy was going to take me out with his friends – drinking and partying were on the agenda. Considering I was off alcohol for the longest, you should know that the Jups has now turned into this lousy little lightweight who can get wasted before you can say “on the house”. And “on the house” seemed to be the catchphrase of the night because I think I had 2? 3? drinks on the house.. in fact I didn’t take my wallet out the entire night. And of course, I got , as Lourdes would say, bombed out of my mind. Leafy had to take me in a cab and take me all the way upstairs to my apartment. That was not pretty.

Nor was the earth-shattering hangover I woke up with. After guzzling several glasses of water, I sliced cucumbers and stuck them all over my face…Then I fed myself at least two kilos of chilled yogurt rice (and green chillies) to quell my stomach. All that and a few hilarious episodes of South Park, I was finally feeling normal and it was past 7pm. An ex-colleague who now lives in HK called me, so I decided to have dinner with him. That didn’t turn out to be all that pleasant for this guy is a whiney sort that bitches and moans about everything. He’s doing really well for himself and yet he will obsess about the glass being half-empty. Fucking irritating. Not to mention my discussion of singlehood (he’s single too) and dating ended up with me wanting to kill myself. Whatever, I don’t need this.

Anyway… that was technically my first Monday in Hong Kong (we can’t consider last Monday because I didnt go to work). Oh and Orangetree never wrote or called back. Life sucks donkey balls sometimes.

P.S. Guy keeps telling me I will have no dearth of suitors in Hong Kong. I take a little comfort in that. Let’s see if it actually ends up being true.


4 thoughts on “Shake it

  1. Question for you Jups – how long are you in HK for??Coz…. *drum roll* – I'll be coming to HK for 3 months in May next year!!!!Yes I know it's ages away, but I'll be there for a 3 month secondment for work :DExcited and nervous and have no idea how living in HK is like….will be coming to u for advice πŸ˜€

  2. Angelsera – For sure :)The girl who ate too much -He did write back..more later ;-)Silvara- Holy cow!!!! I'll be here for the next 12-18 mths from the looks of it! How exciting! I get to meet you :)It's going to be fine,..HK seems really nice so far..

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