club can’t handle me

Another week goes by in the Kong. Things have been crazy but in a very good way. I had a date on wednesday. You’re thinking, what? already? how did the Jups land a date within 7 days of being in a city. Well it wasn’t meant to. A guy asked me to drinks to discuss work and business school so it was meant to be a formal chat. Well, what ended up happening is that drinks turned into dinner and drinks that lasted 3 hours and then he grabbed the check, I figured that was it but then we went to another bar for more drinks, and then 3 more bars for more drinks. All in all, a fantastically long night for a Wednesday. Going to work the next day was not cakewalk.

Thursday night was not meant to be boring either. My friend had tickets to an Indian Ocean concert. I’ve heard of them but never really heard them. They were spectacular and it was definitely an evening well spent.

On Friday night, I had a long dinner at the Wagyu Lounge (again) with Jin and her girlfriends (who are extremely nice and fun) and then we had a night about town, partying hard. Whihc was really hard considering that I chose to break in these murderous black heels. Ladies, the “platform” is supposed to make it easier but make no mistake, these heels are really really hard to walk in. Also note that elastic banded ankle straps mean that they will never come off, so if the shoe gives, you’ll break your face. (I did fall once but not that badly) But they are fucking hot. Hong Kong has a bitchin night life and what makes it super-awesome is lack of pretense. Clubs don’t look at what you’re wearing (I’ve seen men in shorts and flip flops) and if you don’t like one, there’s one next door and if you don’t like that one, well, you get the drift.

Saturday was spent bumming around and napping in anticipation of the wicked night that lay ahead…I found it fitting to inaugurate a bare back black top that I acquired on my last (for now) visit. The night started in Red Soho (which seems to be a popular spot here) and then we went club hopping all night. The night ended with utter gluttony on my part. I went to get a pizza slice and ended up chatting with this Londoner Indian guy who seemed quite taken with me… and of course I proceeded to devour half of his pizza (and he claims he never shares his pizza). And then I went to a wondrous place called the Flying Pan which, as a way of capturing my dear heart, serves breakfast 24 hours a day. And the food is absolutely yummy! I had eggs benedict with avocadoes and salsa – Fucking Brilliant!

That was way too much food for someone who needs to lose at least 3 kilos to look sexy. ARGH. I guess I need to go to the gym tomorrow. Which reminds me, tomorrow’s Monday.

P.S. Orangetree isn’t off the radar yet. The cogs are in motion, albeit slowly but that’s no reason to give up hope. Sigh, the thought of him keeps me smiling a good 30 minutes. Boys….


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