break your heart

So I went wakeboarding again on Saturday – this was my third time and my oh my what a blast it was. I am very happy to report that I am not horrendous at wakeboarding. Of all the vrooms, I only failed to get up twice and the rest of the time I was up on the board and well, riding it for either short spurts where I tried to be a bit too experimental and or extended minutes of being cautious.

The waters were calm when we started out at 4 and Jin went on first. But by the time I got into, there were some big swells and soon enough the waters were choppy choppy choppy. The last time, the water had been really choppy so I hadn’t done too well but this time, I was getting better at standing up at least so I felt less discouraged by the currents. Well until I fell anyway.
And I took some pretty nasty falls this time. One mighty gust of wind hit me in the face and board at the same time – I don’t know if that makes any sense. Another fall, and one foot was off the board. Yet another big swell tripped me and whipped my board right off both feet and made it land about 20 feet away. Ohkay! And of course, twice I landed with board behind me, which as I have mentioned before is very irritating.
This morning I woke up so sore it wasn’t funny. I ditched the hiking plan with Jin and slept in until noon and then headed out to brunch with Bear (she’s another great gal that Jin introduced me to). Afterwards, I couldn’t resist the massive sale signs outside the several boutiques in Soho. Mind you half the stuff isn’t really on sale (unless you count the usual 10/20% that they offer).
Anywho, I made a big ticket purchase – this wondrous electric blue and purple cocktail dress from Karen Millen.

It’s really quite fabulous, I adore the subtle ruffle around the hip and it was made for my body (even the length is perfect), if I may say so myself. Said dress has now designated my new-year’s-eve-date-dress. I don’t actually have a date for new year’s eve but Inshallah I will know soon if I do. I also picked up a very deconstructed viridian (oh I am so glad I get to use that word!) and white dress from BCBG that is perfect for casual friday or even thursday.

In the meantime, Orangetree’s stock has been downgraded from Buy to Hold. And I am feeling mighty proud right now for making a fancy finance-related joke that is not only appropriate but also opportune considering his correspondence last week. And children, I am afraid that is all we have time for tonight. Tomorrow is another day, and unfortunately, a Monday too, so Jups needs to get her beauty sleep and sweet dreams where she is rocking the fuck out of that dress on aforementioned dreamy new year’s eve. Good night.
p.s. no it’s not really viridian… it’s a royal blue…goddamnit.

3 thoughts on “break your heart

  1. Shopping – Woodbury Commons if you have an entire day.. if not, stick to jcrew, anthropologie, bcbg and the smaller boutiques that have unique dresses (soho? they're all over really). I also like Shoebox in Murray hill for their signature shoes (pricey though)Dining – Alto, At Vermillion, Rosa Mexicano and Grafitti (the best resto ever)hope am not too late with this reco.

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