teenage dream

I really can’t share this with people as much as I’d like. Most of my friends think I am being hopeless and pathetic and obsessive. I know all of them en masse think that this will never turn into something real. And to that I say, so what?

My little heart is skipping beats again (hence Katy Perry’s teenage dream fits this post perfectly). When I found out about my tentative trip to New York, I immediately emailed Orangetree…

“Just found out I’m in new york some time next week. will you be there? Say yes. 🙂 ”
“Can’t wait”

There was no news from him after that, so I went through a trough again. My strange relationship (if it can even be called that) has been full of ups and downs. Our busy lives and the astronomical distance between us mean that we rarely ever see each other online but when we do, the flirtation is pleasantly surprising and keeps me smiling for at least a day. He sometimes takes days to reply to an email which bums me out but he always apologizes for the delay. And sometimes, he sends me emails out of the blistering blue at 3 am New York time, saying something insanely smile-inducing like how he thinks that my natural hair is way sexier than the red wig I had on for Halloween (and that somehow at 3 am he had to let me know that?). On this particular occasion I told him that I had already bought the dress I would wear on my second date. “Whenever that will be”, I added. He replied saying “In Lisbon”. Now I know I am crazy but can I just take one minute to think about just how awesome that would be? Preposterous, yes but out-of-this-world-unbelievably-romantic, too. And then he disappeared again, entertaining his clients and flying around.

This morning I wake up and there’s an email from him. He’d been sick and still working through it. It’s an apology in disguise and one I never asked for and I’ll take it. He wants to know when I arrive. Yeap, call me crazy but in some parallel universe, another Jups is already backing in another New York and dating another Orangetree. Meanwhile, in this universe, she hopes he is planning which restaurant he’s going to take her to next week…Baby steps.


2 thoughts on “teenage dream

  1. I was just thinking where r the posts and suddenly ur back with a bang!Im keeping my fingers crossed for you and orangetree, have loads of fun in new york!!!!

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