I am at cathay pacific’s crappy (excuse the pun) rock-garden inspired drab business class lounge where the toilets are tiny and don’t flush. Ewww.

I am showered, clean and refreshed and I hope that their breakfast on board is a bit more varied than the canteen-style rubbish they are offering at the lounge. In my experience, the lounge food is usually better than inflight so I don’t know where that leaves me. I have been a little presumptuous and dressed in jeans instead of sweats thinking they would give me jammies on board but it seems unlikely. And while I being snobbish, I would also like to add that their colour palette is extremely out of whack. Red outfits with yellow piping over yellow and red printed shirts do not co-ordinate at all with the overriding teal colour of the airline which does not match with the dirty blue seats. This airline is hereby declared summarily colourblind. On the plus side, they just served me a fantastic mocktail on board – it’s so… asian-y. Mmm.

Orangetree absentmindedly emailed me a while ago asking how my trip was, when I am still at the airport. That’s all I’ve heard from him. He hasn’t formally asked me out yet on what will be our second date/third meeting. Did I ever tell you how we met? I guess I didn’t. Well, we met at a birthday party (in a bar) – we have common friends. From the second we met, he couldn’t stop talking to me. He has eyes only for me and I hadn’t experienced that in a while. I was a in short (and very beautiful, if I may say so myself) rose-garden print, bright red draped dress, accessorised by dark eyes and very red Chanel lips. He was wearing jeans and a teeshirt with, you guessed it, an orange tree print. We had a lot to talk about and he was quite taken by my eyes. Pretty soon, he stuffed his blackberry into my hand without saying a word. He flew off to Spain the next day and about 3 weeks later, 3 days after my birthday, he asked me out. And now here we are.

I have packed 2 of the dresses I bought in Hong Kong – the long grey Betty Draper style dress with the full skirt and the Karen Millen electric blue dress. The former shall be the designated second date dress and the latter (thought initially intended for new year’s eve) shall now be designated possibly-maybe-I-certainly-hope-so third date dress.

And now the pilot has announced the route that my flight will take, he says it will fly over Taipei, Japan and Alaska. And that reminds me of something I have been meaning to tell you for a while now. About another boy.

Eagle is a boy I work with and he confuses and befuddles me. He is tall, broad shouldered, has an incredible body (husssh) and a dorky smile. All in all, he’s cute, and funny. He is also a few years younger than me (how many I don’t know, but I think 3?). He works in my office and I don’t know how but we have in a short span of time, become very close and yet somehow remains distant. No, let me rephrase that. He treats me like a very very close friends, and well, I like hanging out with him but I don’t know if I miss him terribly when he is not around. To be honest, he hasn’t given me an opportunity to miss him. I see him everyday at work and sometimes he asks me out to drinks on saturday… or movies… or something. He has also asked to go wakeboarding with me but I never invite him. I hate mixing sports and boys, I just can’t. In my limited experience in sports, men have been an unadulterated downer – they are too smug and they discourage weaklings and I don’t like that sort of rubbish spirit.

Anyway, Eagle, the good looking American is somewhat of an intern in the bank and he’s desperately seeking to move out and into a better role and a better bank. And I am somewhat of a counsellor in this regard. I have asked friends for leads, I listen patiently to his gripes and I provide a better perspective. So in all likelihood, he is probably friends with me because I am the sensible voice of reason. But then again, right after he finds out where I live (I invited him to a party that I ended up canceling), he messages me that evening to say he is “in the neighborhood” and wants to get a drink.

Unlike orangetree, he never compliments me (you know OT is generous with the words), he berates himself (OT is arrogant) and he constantly talks about other women (OT – well I don’t know because I haven’t “hung out” with him). Eagle, as all white boys, in Hong Kong has women throwing their panties at him and so maybe he hangs out with me because I don’t? Eagle until last night, would end our meetings (notice I didn’t say dates?) with a fistbump. Yes, he’d bump my fist into his. A greeting that’s about as romantic as sewage. I called him out recently on his aversion to physical contact (I don’t get it. You would fuck a girl you barely met in a club, but you won’t hug/air-kiss a friend and coworker?). Last night, we had our habitual “one drink” and he walked me home and gave me a hug. I said “well this is new”. And he reached out and gave me another, even tighter one. Well.

The way I (and several of my friends) see it, Eagle treats me as a friend. While I have made platonic male friends over the past few years (and they remain close to me), either I or the other person or both have been taken. Ganador is a classic example – we get along great, I had a boyfriend, I introduced him to his girlfriend and generally speaking, there is no awkward chemistry so we are friends and will be. But Eagle, it just seems different. He is always so eager to hang out with me and while I don’t want to sometimes, I never have the heart to say no. And I don’t regret going out with him (except the first time, we went for a movie and the whole evening was a real downer). Of course, given he earns significantly less than I do (as if I make loads), we always split the check and by that I mean, once he took me on a long walk (you heard me, he actually took me to the park) and then to a bubble tea stand and I paid for my own 1$ tea. U.G.H.

So the point I am trying to get at is that these 2 weeks away from him may perhaps help me understand what exactly it is between the two of us. At times our interactions remind me of how Adrian and I started out. Alright, that’s done.


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