As the new Neon Trees song (that I am loving right now) goes, here we go again…

The last 2 weeks have whizzed by and my days were unpleasant at best, excrutriating at worst and no fault on anyone’s part but work’s. Work was the reason I came here, so I can’t exactly bitch about this trip not being the vacation I wanted it to be. I admit, for a few tiny minutes, I was extremely pleased with all the perks, especially the hotel (36th floor, view of central park, the sunrise looked magnificent). Yet, I wish I hadn’t had to work until midnight all nights including the entire weekend (in fact on friday I was at work till 3 am).

But for what it’s worth, I did end up meeting all my darling friends and in some cases, more than once. And I fed myself some delectable things that I miss dearly in Hong Kong, from the beyond awesome cilantro-avocado-cream-cheese on toasted spinach bagel from murray hill, to mexican barbacoa lamb, from stacked barbecue ribs from Hillstone (you’ll never eat ribs anywhere else, ever) a homemade roasted chicken stuffed with pine nuts, minced meat and rice. Saturday culminated with me stuffing my face in a more-ginormous-than-usual Chipotle steak burrito and communal style Ethiopan food and the ubiquitous ny-style pizza slice. And loads of alcohol. Needless to say, my stomach is a warzone right now. Totally worth it.

I crammed some utilitarian shopping in thanks to next day deliverythis includes a signal converter for my TV, water filters and other snoooooooreeeeeeeee. Well, no, I am lying. I had ordered myself a golden leather bag from Kate Spade several weeks ago so that was one cute purchase. And a much-needed replacement down jacket from dkny (my old one has died a thousand deaths) Yesterday was my only day off and I maximised the time I had… a trip to CB2 for some colourful home accents, a trip to Macys for tights, cosmetics and a well-deserved and long-overdue Samsonite suitcase (my suitcases are usually dirtcheap and I go through several of them, have them repaired in sequence and the cycle goes on). Couldn’t make it to any of my favourite American stores, especially Keihls (whose eye cream is the only thing between me and utter wretchedness) and J Crew. Frustrating but I probably need to stomach another 2 grand and just buy my own ticket and come here for a vacay.

And speaking of vacays, I think I have a few interesting trips lined up. Regrettably, I am no longer going to Cancun in early January (groan, moan, no guacamole for me), however I am going to Brazil (la la la la) in late January for work! I am taking another week off and spending it as vacay time with my lovely girlfriends who live there. I am really really hoping that I can see the Iguazu falls, I have heard they are phenomenal. March is going to be interesting too, as I *might* fly to South Africa for a friend’s wedding and/or go skiing in Italy. Cut to June/July, and I’ll probably be in Europe for a girls-only long weekend. If things are still hot between Orangetree and I, I’ll go see him in his little country too. I am spending the upcoming christmas in bombay, attending a friend’s wedding, sans OT and Noo (both of whom were initially supposed to attend).

And if none of that works out, I’ll get into an empire state of mind and buy a ticket to this city that still, I am happy to report, holds my heartstrings.

p.s. created a new label “airport blogging”, just because.
p.p.s coming soon, a tour of the wonderful and technicolour apartment of the jups


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