all i want for christmas is you

It’s been a fine morning so far. I went to bed last night at 12 after unpacking most of my stuff. I am happy to report that all the made-in-china china that I dragged from New York to Hong Kong is intact and did not get damaged during transit. The same cannot be said about my beautiful red suitcase which has sustained several scratches. If this is how it looks after its first flight, I don’t know how a ten-year warranty will help.
I woke up by 3 am, and couldn’t sleep but remained in bed a couple more hours, dreaming about OT and relishing the feeling of being in my own bed, my own sheets and my own comforter. Did a bit of arranging and hanging my clothes and then defrosted a bagel (thank God the cream cheese in the fridge hadn’t spoilt), mixed chopped red peppers with the cream cheese for my own version of veggie cream cheese and ate it while watching an episode of Modern Family. I then took a nice long bath flavoured with my favorite de-stressing suds from Lush, while reading “Too Big to Fail”, an unputdownable book that Claus recommended. First bath in new apartment, check. Few things are as effective in loosening me up as a relaxing bath with a book. In fact, I really wanted to buy myself a bath tub caddy – this neat little tray that sits over the tub and has a contraption to hold up a book…I think it was made for me. Well, now you know what I want for Christmas.

Well no, what I really want for Christmas is my darling Orangetree, who said naughty flirty things on chat today. Why does that boy say cute things to melt my heart? Why does he love rainstorms like I do? Why God Why? Why do you create the man of my dreams and shuffle him to the farthest corner of the earth from where I am? Huh? Why? If you’re reading this God, I want you to move the mountains and part the seas so that this boy can plonk his hot little behind on a plane to Hong Kong, right fucking now. And quite frankly, it shouldn’t even be that hard, you can probably just a create a business project that he simply has to embark on. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Work is alright today, I have stuff to do but it’s nowhere near as busy as it was in new york and for that I am thankful. It’s insanely humid in Hong Kong and it’s driving me up the fucking wall that women here in their strange and misguided attempts to look fashionable are walking around in fur vests, fur boots and woolen hats. It’s twenty-five fucking degrees. Celsius, not Fahrenheit. What the fuck? That’s hot! At the very least, it’s warm. And did I mention it’s sweat-running-down-my-back-humid? I was nearly ready to run to the gym to take a shower during lunch.

I am picking up my dining chairs tomorrow. I missed the opportunity of a lifetime today – someone was selling Philippe Starck Ghost chairs (I’ve been lusting after these for 2 years) and they sold out before I could get to them. Ugh. So I am going with my original plan. You will see the results soon.

p.s. It is tomorrow. OT and I had a long, deep conversation which he abruptly left to go help his mom or something. He did not send me a virtual kiss. I am bummed out. This is not a good side of me.


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