Go Do

It should not surprise you at all that I think 2010 was one giant donkey-bollock of a year. Considering that I spent a large part of 2009 and intermittent periods of 2010 believing that by the end of the year I would be leading a very different and a very married life, I am entitled to copious amounts of disgruntlement over 2010 being such a gutterball. But one must let bygones be bygones and assholes be assholes (who will, god willing, spontaneously combust, but this is not the post for wishing other people ill, no matter how vile their existence is).

This is a post about aspiring to new things and rising above the mundane. This is about what I want 2011 to be like. The Jups of 2011 is going to be a better version of 2010 Jups (and I know that sounds incredulous, because frankly, I don’t need any improving, ha ha).

So here’s how I am going to better myself. With a drumroll ..dun dun dun…I present the new year’s resolutions of the Jups…

  1. Health, Fitness and Sports… There is no denying the fact that I need to lose weight. So this year I resolve to go to the gym regularly and eat in moderation and shed some of that unlovable puppy fat. I will most definitely be buying a wetsuit and going wakeboarding more often and get better at it. By this time next year, I resolve to be able to do jumps. I also want to, if possible, learn kitesurfing. Another big to-do on my to-do list is diving. I have loved the waters a long time and I am going to get my diving license. If by this time next year, I have dived in Palawan or Micronesia, my life would be a little more complete. So there you go. Lose weight, Get Fit, Wakeboard and Dive.
  2. Travel (more). The Jups was shackled by the lack of planning, unpredictability and allround shittiness on the part of he who shall not be named. Now that that is a thing of the past, the Jups will make travel plans and make good on them. She will attend her friends’ weddings and she will plan trips even if she is a teensy weensy bit afraid of traveling to farflung places all by herself. Brazil, South Africa and the Philippines are on her list of countries to visit this year. And a girls weekend in some sexy place in Europe (maybe Monaco or the South of France or some such…), followed by a visit to a dear friend in Paris (and/or a dear lover in Lisbon depending on how nice OT continues to be to her).
  3. Mo Money, Less Problems. Considering my lavish lifestyle, I am not doing too poorly (ha! Pun!) in the personal finance department. But relative to peers, I am not doing great, I don’t have substantial savings nor do I have an apartment to my name. All I have is a few Gs and a few pretty little things (which granted are very pretty but you can’t pay rent with them). Oh and a tiny little beach facing property in India with no house on it, but it’s not worth much. So this year, I resolve to, at the very very minimum, get to 6 figure savings. Insane? Yes. Impossible? No. If I do, I will reward myself justly with a superfantastic bag. D’oh.
  4. Create. In the next 12 months, I will create at least one object of beauty from scratch – maybe a painting, maybe a cushion, something that I can pride myself over. I have a painting project in mind but unfortunately to execute it I need my sketchbook which I left in the apartment of he who shall not be named…If you’re reading this please send my sketchbook back to me!
  5. Get a fucking awesome job. Things are not looking too promising for the long term so the Jups has to think a few months ahead and start whoring out the CV in the coming months and hopefully land herself a grand job. This is probably the hardest resolution to keep but I’ll be lenient and say that if #3 is taken care of, then at least I have some security to walk away if things turn to shit….

Well, let’s get to it then. Wish me luck. I hope Christmas is festive enough and that 2011 ends up being fulfilling and as sinfully amazing as a multiple orgasm. Kisses.

To quote the fabulous song from the title,

Go sing, too loud
Make your voice break- Sing it out
Go scream, do shout
Make an earthquake…

Go drum, too proud
Make your hands ache – Play it out
Go march through crowds
Make your day break…


4 thoughts on “Go Do

  1. You are something else! Although i may turn my nose up at the blatant consumerism, i have to admit, i really enjoy the dose of ambition and energy. Good luck!-a fellow struggling female student with high hopes of her own.

  2. Go for it Jups :DAdmittedly, my lifestyle isn't quite as fabulous as yours but I can echo your sentiments pretty much exactly :)Lose Weight, Travel more and create and item of beauty from scratch. Ambitious yet doable 😀 Merry Christmas Jups and hope that 2011 brings you all you wish for and more (OT??? :P)

  3. Dipika, I was a struggling student too! it's all totally worth the trouble :)Blatant consumerism drives economies, look at the US. ha ha!Silvara, please, I am no wealthy socialite 😉 Here's to keeping resolutions *clink*Happy 2011 everyone!

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