fight outta you

from last thursday…

So I blog about one fantastic day and the good lords in heaven just.can’ It’s thursday afternoon and I am sitting on couch, awkwardly erect thanks to something fantastic called referral pains. Say what?

Tuesday was Women’s’ day and believe it or not, I made plans to celebrate it with the Italian crew. She was kind enough to invite me and you know over the last few intimate evenings of dinners and movies with Mark, I established that I probably don’t have as much to worry about as I thought I did. On the flip side, Mark and I are probably gonna be stuck in friend zone for a long time, if not forever. I don’t think I am more than “in like” with him or any other guy right now. And he probably is the same way. And while we’re on the subject, we have one really horrible thing in common – we have both been unceremoniously and obnoxiously dumped. His story pretty much trumped mine, so go figure.
So where was I? Yes, Women’s Day. We went to get dinner in a small alleyway behind Lan Kwai Fong – Thai and Malaysian food, like I’ve never had that before. I went to bed clutching my stomach in agony and woke up with my back all fucked up (and the stomach still fucked up). Even the hiccups hurt. I went to work anyway (very bad idea), stayed until 5pm and left when I couldnt take the pain anymore.
Today’s much worse…and the doctor tells me while there is still a chance that I threw my back out, the back pains are probably referred pains from my stomach going batshit insane.
So now I am at home recuperating.
At this point I should mention just how tipsy I got last Friday…so much so that I drunk-dialed Mark 4 times and Eagle 8 times and danced with Leafy like a maniac and fell on the pavement and hurt and sprained both feet (the straps of my shoes cut through my skin) and then bumped my face onto Leafy’s shoulder so badly that I cut my lip, ripped a piece of gum off my accident-tooth and chipped two others. Went to the dentist today and everything’s okay. Except that gums don’t grow back so if I am really vain (and have the money for it), I might have to consider a gum graft to fix things up.
Blogger fucked up and I never got around to completing this post. It’s Monday evening and I have just finished making the world’s best guacamole.. more on this later. And fantastic noodles in homemade vegetable broth, so fragrant it makes angels sing.
P.S. The alley behind LKF is called “Rat Alley”… no kidding!

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