Mera naam chinchinchoo

Blogger and Facebook don’t work in glorious shanghai, a city with grand tall buildings, a beautiful bund separating old (puxi) and new (pudong) cities, cheap cabs but with cab drivers who don’t speak a lick of English and boutiques with Hot-off-the-runway looks and price-tags loftier than any I have ever seen (in fact its the first city I’ve visited and not bought any clothes at! We’re talking dresses upwards of 300$!)

This has been a very short trip. I landed yesterday at 1030 am and I’m already back at pudong airport now for an 830 pm flight typing my staple airport post. I was here to accompany Jin who was here for her friend’s wedding (I know said friend but not well enough to be invited to the wedding).
Nonetheless I did end up seeing him and a bunch of other acquaintances from bschool at a sit-down Chinese dinner.
Sit-down Chinese meals were the order of the day – except lunch at Nanxiang shanghainese dim sum house – dinner at shanghai xi hao, lunch at house of elite and for poor Jin, the wedding banquet dinner as well. Luckily for us, the food was decidedly different at the first three and decidedly delicious.
The unfortunate triggering of a colossal sinus attack the night before I left for shanghai was a huge dampener on my spirits; the fact that this was one of those rare occasions when I flew without my trusty ammo of medicines ( I carry 1-2 tabs of pills for pain, menstrual pain, acidity/gas, diarrheoa and since very recently, sinusitis and insomnia), even more unfortunate.
I was (and still am in pain). Sans painkillers, I have taken 2-3 pills that normally work against menstrual cramps in the lame hope that pain is pain and what works on a stubborn abdomen should work on a stubborn head/face. Result? Better than nothing at all. In all likelihood, I will end up skipping work tomorrow and thereby looking like a complete flake but at least I will get my sick ass to a doc.
Karaoke in shanghai is a lot of fun and extremely cheap. I relished once again the compliements that my husky voice received when directed towards very specific songs. Drinking in posh bars, on the other hand is debilitatingly expensive. Try 140 rmb for a weak cocktail. I have ruled out this city as one that I can party like a rockstar in because if the ridiculous prices don’t get you, the rampant smoking of cigarettes and cigars in badly ventilated and badly air-conditioned bars and clubs will. Between my sinus and the generally poor quality of air here, I feel drained.

I can’t wait to return to hong kong. From one polluted city to another, only one is home.
P.S. Isn’t the title ever so cheesy?
–Published thanks to blogger’s brilliant email blogging medium–


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