Pure Shores (redux)

This was written on the 9th of January 2006.

So many things I want to say. But too much of something is bad enough. And the same applies to honesty on a public access page.

When times are rough, or bordering on rough, we go to our happy places. A happy place for me, is a memory or fantasy that calms the wrinkles on my furrowed angst-ridden forehead. I am glad to say I recently made a new addition to my list of happy places.

And so this will be a happy post. In great detail.

Ever since I knew a land called Phi-Phi existed, I wanted to go there. And I did so December of 2005. It was Zipadee-dooda, Allergic-to-Alliterations, Tee, Pants and me. This little fivesome was going to spend just one day in Phi-Phi. We wanted to make it good.

We set foot on Phi-Phi at noon or so. And then on, it rained like the Gods were crazy. So all the snorkelling-scubadiving-ferry-thingamajings-that-tourists-must-do (on every other island) could not be done. We had found ourselves a sweet little bungalow by the beach. Nice.

Freshened up. Had a delicious Thai lunch with smoothies no less.

Les boys decided to snooze. Les girls walked through the entire town scouring for those little treasures. And they convinced me to buy a bikini. True that I’ve wanted to try one. Also true that I have just the right amount of queeziness in me to go “I’m gonna look extremely disgusting in that 10-square-inches-worth-of-cloth outfit. No No!” But I did buy it.

Back to the bungalow, we shower and change with the “g-bangers” underneath. Be prepared is our motto. *wink* But the Thai Gods offer no mercy, for the sky is downcast and no sun shines through.

Not bogged down yet, we head to this blissfully awkward glass-walled massage spa. We line up or sprawl down to get kneaded with oils. And it feels great.

Its evening. And we still haven’t done anything touristy in this little piece-of-heaven island. We decide to go kayakking. But this brainwave hits me.

I go up to this guy who mans the water-taxi and gesticulate and talk with great fervour. I convince to take us out to sea (at 7.30 p.m.) and then I convince him to give us a tour of the neighbouring little islands, lagoons, caves. I tell him I’d like to get off and take some pictures and maybe even swim a little. Although at this point I had no idea how much of this he really understood, I think its a good idea to go with this plan. Zip and Tee are convinced too. A-to-A and Pants stick to the kayakking plan. No worries.

Blast off. The waves are a-rocking. Its a little scary actually. Some pictures are taken but it is definitely getting darker and the cameras aren’t complying. We are vrooming around Phi Phi Leh

First stop- Viking Cave.

(I don’t really know what this cave is all about or why there is a cave associated with Vikings in South East Asia)

Next stop- Pi Leh Lagoon

Now, we’re getting somewhere. Huge towering rock structures creating an imaginary door, passing through which suddenly the sea changes drastically. The violent black waters are suddenly still and green. Green in the dark. And beautifully calm. The motor’s been turned off and the boat gaily bobs up and down in the quiet waters. The boatman tells us its pretty deep in these parts. The whole scene is pretty magnificient. I can only imagine how lovely it must be in daylight, but seeing at night is better than not seeing it at all. And now we turn around.

Next stop- Maya Bay

The night just gets better and better. This little beach is like a little strawberry if every other beach in the world is a watermelon. Its so little! It looks amazing. The rocks towering over almost all four directions like a circular wall with a gap in it. The boatman parks. And we get out.

“Is it safe to swim?”
*Boatman smiles and nods*

Hmm. There is a good chance that the three of us jump in for a swim and mr.boatman and accomplice take our bags and loaded wallets and clothes, leaving us cold and almost-naked in a deserted island. But we take that chance.

The full moon shines bright, I only remember it shining this bright when I lived in Koliwada and looked out some nights. What I see is breathtaking. Its only fitting that we dive in.

First time in a bikini. Should I? What the heck. Clothes and bags on the beach, we walk into the waters. Its ice cold. The sheer thrill of it, I can’t convey in words. Few minutes in, I am floating on my back, staring at the moon, the stars framed by the towering rocks.

And Zip says “Can’t say I have done this before..”

Right on. We are all virgins as far as swimming in a deserted beach under the moon is concerned.

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