go your own way

My colleague walks in to the office and within five notices my nails and remarks that I am “looking very pretty today”. And I damn well should as I spent, give or take, 5 hours in and out of spas on a decidedly decadent and blissful sunday.

For a change, I had a facial done and it did not, I repeat, did not make me break out into blotchy splotchy hives. But not before having my back scrubbed and masked and wiped clean. The smells were enticing and soothing; the towels were hot and scented headily and heavily with lavender, which despite not being my favourite scent in the world, is admittedly disarming in that it seems to make me and my stresses melt. And after the lovely, kind therapist lady was done with her fine worksmanship, I was glowing like a firefly’s bottom and that wasn’t even the end of it. I took ten steps and walked into the Toni&Guy next door and had a hair mask treatment after which the stylist blowdried my hair straight (I use the word straight loosely as you may well expect that as soon as I walked out in the muggy HK humidity my hair started tweaking and twirling like stretched springs that have been let go .

I wore one of my favourite “can’t be bothered” dresses – a teal jersey number i picked up in phuket for a song (as is the case with most things in thailand, thereby making it my favourite country in Asia) and my melissa jellies and I didn’t care that my bra was showing or that the neckline was deep and I was nowhere near a Phuket beach. Nosiree it was quite literally my day off. And it’s quite funny how I always end up looking my bestest when there’s noone watching. I strolled off to an organic cafe and had a very tasty, sugarfree smoothie and strolled off to my nails place and got my nails done in this never-done-before mandarin orange shade. I daresay my toes look good enough to be on one of those nail ads – you know, on a white background with a sheer orange silk scarf that wraps around the girl’s ankle like a breeze just blew it in its place.

It was past 6 when I walked back home. I bought groceries and made myself some yummy baingan bharta and cucumber raita. I’ve been off white grains and white breads for a little while now so I cooked some nutty whole grains to eat that with. And I thought of what a coincidence it was that I’d chosen the baingan bharta-raita combination – the exact duo I’d made for my dinner with Mark ages ago.

And mere seconds later, he called as if telepathy had something to do with it. He was apparently at the dvd rental looking for something. I told him I was going to watch Rio and minutes later, he was on my couch, eating ice-cream while I ate my dinner. We chatted a bit and he told me he was seeing someone. This didn’t surprise me. I have to admit it felt good having a male friend in my life – I do miss it sometimes and I’ve realised that it might be behind my recent ill-advised calls on men and dating. I don’t mean that in a “men help me judge men better” way, because they don’t. I mean it in the “I miss men” sort of way. Which I know sounds a bit sad and if it does, bite me.

There was other drama this weekend – involving Persistent indian boy but I won’t care to elaborate. There was a lot of imbecilic immaturity and wanton texting after which I calmly sent him an email that according to Jin, “sent him back to nursery”. That chapter is closed and I am relieved. Come to think of it, the chapter on every guy in my life has been closed with the silly but cheerful exception of Orangetree who made a TA-DAA style re-entry a few days ago showing on chat and blackberry messenger and email all at once with smart corporate finance and solar power discussions interspersd with extremely naughty innuendo. While it is fun to have him back, I am not exactly about to start planning the wedding. And if I am, you can’t prove it!


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