paint it red

Another year potters on and,
I shall turn twenty nine
I am certainly getting older but
Wiser? Maybe. Prettier? No, I am no red wine

All this wakeboarding has tanned me
Unevenly and unattractively dark
Wrinkles get deeper, more obvious
Even smiling leaves a mark
The birthday fast approaches,
My career, love life is such a mess
You know you’re getting really old, when
Even the kids from Harry Potter are having sex
But I admit it’s not all bad,
Even if it does not rock
I may be down, not out, and certainly not,
Bearish on my own stock.
Alright, its been weeks without a peep from me. I wasn’t hiding under a rock – it was a combination of being busy some of time and being lazy most of the time. There have been many developments and most have been hardly worth talking about.
Except wakeboarding in which case, I am highly pleased to tell you that I am now able to jump around, jump up, jump up and get down! Jump! Jump! Okay, I’ll stop. I am not that good but I think loosely speaking I could consider this new year’s resolution checked. The going-heelside-coming-in-toeside jumps are coming along nicely but mind you they don’t give you much height. The going-toeside-coming-in-heelside jumps are admittedly more difficult and I am doing small ones but a lot more height can be achieved. All in all, I am pleased and I still have 4 months to year-end so there’s much time for improvement!
I also checked another resolution, that of creating an object of beauty from scratch. Silvara and I went to an art class where I tried my hand(s) for the very first time at holding real paintbrushes and real palettes and real acrylic colours and created a very bright, very radiant painting. Mom and dad were incredibly impressed and while my work doesn’t hold so much as half a candle to Silvara’s clean and lovely piece, I think it was good for a first effort with very little guidance, if at all any.
In other classic “leads Jups on” news, I had a job interview which went very well if you can ignore the tiny inconsequential detail which is that I was deemed too smart for the role. What a crying shame. And yet, hope sings (I guess?) and I anxiously wait for some job somewhere (that has my name on it, ) to materialise. And please God don’t let it “elephant-asshole-examiner”.
P.P.S. The next post shall be live from the fantastic locales of Kenya.

8 thoughts on “paint it red

  1. Loved the painting – love you :)Here's to another year of fabulousity! :)Hope you're having fun in India/Kenya! I'm back to HK 2moro and then to Melb. It's real. I'm going home.

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