car wash

Ah finally something to be proud of. This weekend I was extremely productive as far as my long overdue CFA prep goes. As you may or may not know the CFA curriculum is one of most boring things known to humankind, probably second only to watching paint peel but at least the latter costs no money.
The economics module was a bit too easy and I was on top of the world feeling invincible until someone told it was the easiest. Needless to say the last several months I have studied very very little and the dry, borderline suicide inducing accounting textbook is to blame for that. On very productive hangover-free weekends, I would read as mach as a page before settling down to watch 75 episodes of South Park. But after the Kenyan holiday, I realised that there are only 3 months left before I go ahead and make a embarrassment of myself and that too one with a US$ 1000 price tag.
So the next three months, the Jups will buckle down, eat loads of carbs, eschew all sorts of human civilities and make an ernest attempt to conquer this mindfuckinlyboring (new word #651) exam.
This weekend I wrapped up the accounting book (#3) on Saturday, finished the self-exam (that sounds dirty) and then proceeded to study 10 am to 530 pm on Sunday, powering through a third of book#4. I sat there in the same chair wearing a ratty top, a white mini skirt, unsuitable for public viewing, taking breaks only for ingestion and egestion.
Then I got dolled up (all out!) in a black rosette-adorned tank top, one of my favourite ridiculously puffy tulle-lined full skirts (with galloping horses printed on burlap/linen), cork high heels et al and went to see horrible bosses where I quite literally wet myself laughing. I think I deserved that little escape. I was home by 930 and felt like I wasn’t done. Thanks to a second wind of geek, I powered through another 100 pages or so and now am halfway done with that book.
Today’s a pretty idle day at work (as it should after last week which was decidedly hectic with the boss being away). So I am reading through the second half of the book and feeling proud like some nincompoop who expects credit for doing what he is supposed to (men can relate to that).
Thanks for watching; Stay tuned for more electric, bloodcurdling episodes of Jups – the geek diaries.

One thought on “car wash

  1. good luck Jups! I've been a reader for a long time sorry never commented. 😦 But this post rekindled my memories of studying for CFA and couldnt not send wishes! 🙂

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