tonight tonight

It was quite a remarkable weekend and I may have found the solution to not feeling shitty about having to sit at home all day with a thumb my butt and my eyes squinting over my CFA notes because even though I did exactly that, I feel bright and cheerful and satiated.
Now at the risk of sounding like an alcoholic tramp (that’s two vices, not one), part of the solution entails some severe drinking and partying on Friday night. This has two key benefits –

1. Gets the partying out of the way as well as the hangover which is so wretched that you will dare not venture anywhere near a bar on Saturday night. This particular Friday, I drank from around 6pm to I wanna say…. 4 am? Continuously.
2. In the off chance that you get intercepted by some keen members of the opposite sex, the attention will propel your easily-panderable-to ego (new word #985) and further enhance your mood the following morning, pounding hangover notwithstanding. This particular Friday, quite the anomaly I confess especially given that I was in casual after-work clothes not some slutty backless mini number, the blokes were particularly forthright and cavalier, brazenly stealing dances with me from under each others’ noses. So sue me, I like a little competition especially when I am the prize? I met a fantastically good looking man that ticked off most of the boxes – nice accent, nice ass, hot body, cute face and immaculate dress sense. Too bad he’s one sandwich short of a picnic cause he’d have made a pretty yummy picnic. Nice distraction in any case and a long overdue one at that.
CFA status update: Book 5 is halfway done. The other half and book 1 remain. Not bad considering how miserable my status was just weeks ago but I shall not brag too much because it’s one thing to finish reading the books (the bare fucking minimum) and quite another to pass the test. But anyway, my point is I felt guilty enough to be glued to my books all weekend aside from the 2 odd hours of wakeboarding on Sunday night.
Which brings me the section of the post where I brag about how good I am getting at this lovely and most pleasant of sports. I mean just look at how pristine the surroundings are. No doubt the waters were choppy last night and the windy was blowing rough seaspray into my face at full speed  (and it even drizzled at one point. sidenote: the tiny dents that drizzles make on moving swells and waves is just so beautiful) but none of that seems to matter when you start mastering the currents. My instructor tells us every day that if we can wakeboard in these insane waters, we can wakeboard anywhere (mind you most people wakeboard in backwaters and lakes not full-on seas with full-on currents). My jumps are getting better and this time, I worked in some pretty decent jumps from toeside and heelside and a few lipslides (a little bit of fun!). At one point, I did two jumps back to back, side to side and got so excited that I did a little victory huzzah (letting go one hand in a classic fist closed “yessss” move), lost my balance and fell. Totally worth it. Massive ropeburn on my left hand from trying to juggle rope and shoe laces while the boat chugged off? Not so much.
My instructor is very impressed with my progress and said “whoa, you getting really good now”. That means a lot, a lot more than it would to any other odd person. Why, he’s even teaching me (and Jin) how to exit the boats like the pros do (although, granted, we aren’t doing this as elegantly as we ought to be).
As for the rest of sunday night, I came home and studied some more; I had to meet my half-of-book-5 target and I did just that. Despite the creepy weather last night that kept waking me up and culling my sleep time to barely 4 hours, I got to work on time, well dressed and perfectly coiffed. Too bad the weather is so shit that the wind completely fucked it up. Great weekend though. I have got one more weekend to be really really bad (on friday that is) and then dad’s here the weekend after so no more drunken debauchery until October.

One thought on “tonight tonight

  1. Back to the old template?!Can have a look for you if you like.But firstly – yay on the wakeboarding!!! You ARE good at it and won't be surprised if you are doing all sorts of tricks by the end of the year :DAnd good on you on the study – sounds like it was a lovely productive weekend. Perfect mix of work and play 🙂

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