Why hello there! Do you like Juice’s new look? It’s still a bit rough around the edges, I’ll admit. I never claimed to know shit about HTML or XML or what have you. In any case, I am well aware that the motherfucking sidebar isn’t on the side but rather at the bottom as a footer and I.JUST.CAN.T.FIGURE.OUT.WHY.

If you have any idea how I can fix this, would you let me know? Also bouquets and brickbats are welcome – my colour preferences are admittedly psychedelic but hey they’re fun too!

I’ve spent the whole day lazing at home and studying after a rough night of partying. Funnnnnn until morning breaks, I confess, when the slew of bad judgments flashes right before you eyes like some pathetic montage of your alcohol-induced stupidity. Oh well.

Dinner was lovely – Yotam Ottolenghi’s soba noodles with aubergines and mango (except I substituted mangoes with fresh juicy sweet pineapple. Incidentally, since they are in season I also indulged myself with a glass of freshly juiced (yeah that’s right!) chilled pineapple juice. It was like rain on a hot day.

I have to go squeeze a few more hours of reading before I can reward myself with my bed. In the meantime, please help me fix the template. Sidebars acting like footers is like wearing a shoe for a hat. Or a earring as a bra – pretty much senseless.


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