greased lightning

As it appears, the PIGS have given the markets a rather rabid case of swine flu….Fuck you Greece and Fuck you Italy. Fuck your stupid shithead gangbanging chauvinist politicians. Fuck your stupid masses protesting on the streets. Fuck all you stupid welfare states that have had a good run on unsustainable government expenditures when the rest of the world, yes even the poor emerging markets saved. Shame on you. Why, it’s no surprise to me.
Through my numerous trips and stays through Europe, it became very clear that Europe was one giant village (yes I said it, great highways people but essentially connecting hicksville 1 to hicksville 2 and so forth) with not much to show for itself apart from some pretty phenomenal wines and cheeses. I may be oversimplifying things a bit but the lack of efficiency in simple things, the callousness of people in the services industry (umm, ask anyone how hard it is to find a plumber in France), the alarming dearth and where present, irregularity of, public transport, the scant opening hours of businesses (9 to 5? when do people with real jobs shop?) make you wonder where the GDP of these countries comes from. My sense is it’s mostly government spending. And what incentive does anyone have to work when you get paid to have kids, you get paid generously when you’re unemployed and when a fantastic college education costs 500 Euros a year?
And even all of that would have been sustainable for stupid tiny country like Greece, pretty as it well may be if it stuck to its own shitty currency which would have depreciated fantastically to reflect the  value of its lazy demographic and stagnating growth. But because these stupid unsustainable village economies got into the Eurozone with the fantastically efficient, hardworking Germans (the poor sods), the world is in peril.
Today, Italy got downgraded this morning which is obviously gonna spell death for bonds everywhere which is gonna send high yield prices into the gutter which is gonna gangrape my portfolio. Which is why I am mad.
(Not to mention the S in PIGS is Spain which does not bode too well for my own career).
Seriously, stop fucking retiring at 35 and get some real fucking jobs, okay? Also, I think Greece should be kicked out of the eurozone and should declare insolvency once and for all and fucking restructure itself. Seriously this back-and-forth is like a dysfunctional relationship that isn’t going anywhere but noone wants to be take the first step and say “honey, this is not working out”. Or like some comatose guy on his deathbed who doesn’t have a shot at living anyway if he did come out of it. Just pull the damn plug already.
Fuckuh yooo Ituh-lee, Fuckuh yooo greecuh!
(In the style of the Japanese whale/dolphin killers from South Park)


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