super bass

Wheeeee! Not only is it frifri but it is also one where the Jups has a date. Yes after what seems like ages, eons even, I have a date. So it’s not dinner, it’s just drinks but it’s a date in the traditional sense in that boy meets girl and boy asks girl out say… 6 months later. Well, some of us can’t have it all.

So let’s call this fellah Batman shall we? because in his own words, he is spontaneous, unpredictable and action-packed. Yup, his own words. Needless to say, I am thoroughly amused not to mention positively ditzy about the potential that this date has. I already know he is stunning to look at and dances like, well… let’s just say rhythm is in his genes. He also gets full points for replying to smses at lightning speed and with copious exclamation marks. Did I mention he has immaculate dress sense? And that he is an amateur boxer? Do you know how hard it is to find men like that?
Incidentally batman is the boy mentioned in this little story. And I confess I lied because I didn’t meet him that night. I met him the same day I met smurf. Batman was dressed like a scary clown (okay, joker, i get the irony, whatever) in yellow/white makeup, which is truly horrendous on a man of his chocolate-brownness. So imagine my surprise a few months ago when this hot guy comes up to me, points and says “I know you” and I give him a “say what?” look, in response to which he pulls out his phone and shows me a picture of me, the rest of my girlfriends with him in full-on scary clown gear. Jin was standing next to me aghast that my picture was on some random stranger’s phone. Clearly I had no idea what hotness was lurking under those fugly red and yellow pajamas he had on that day and I was pleasantly surprised.
So technically date#1 is rendezvous#4 for those of you keeping track. Quite fun no? Wish me luck.

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