papa dont preach

Did I say my new year’s resolution of executing jumps while wakeboarding was “loosely checked”? Oh I am sorry, what I meant to say was “awesomely-fabulously-more-than-3-feet-off-the-ground-checked so put that in your pipe and smoke it!” Honestly, yesterday was my best effort yet at the sport and I could “feel” every loud thump and thud as the board flew clear off the water and landed squarely in the center of the wake but only for a split second before the momentum whoosed me off to the toeside with yet another thud. It was frankly all sorts of awesome and yes, I am allowed to gloat. I was also pretty kicked about my new fuckoffpurple swimshirt and boyish boardshorts that I picked up on saturday but the weather is getting colder and it wasn’t enough. I need to go wetsuit shopping.

But my dad wasn’t all that impressed. Nah uh, the mad rad moves of the Jupiter did little to impress Father of the Jupiter who has been in town since Saturday morning (also known as the filthy morning where I took my skanky self to the airport with barely 3 hours of sleep). Moments after my first jump, I screamed.. “dad did you see that?” knowing full well that he was gazing at a mountain when I was so eagerly searching for that look of wonder in his eyes. He lied “yes”. “No you did not! I saw you and you were looking at the mountain!” Flashback: memories of prancing around in new frocks and saying “daddy/grandpa look at my new dress” while dad/grandpa still reading the newspaper and without flinching saying “’s beautiful.”
I am quite certain that he did see the rest of my mad rad performance and I know this because he told me quite bluntly that Elvish Pixie had much better posture than I did and that he didn’t understand why we fell all the time. “you shouldn’t fall at all”. I think that maybe he was just messing with me. Or maybe he just doesn’t get what it’s taken for me to get this far. But one thing’s for sure – it makes me want to try harder. Time for some double wake jumps, grabs and powerslides baby. 
Dad’s elusive approval and his constant demands were not the not the only cause for grief. Nosiree. I was craving Batman big time. We exchanged some benign texts on Saturday evening; he knew my dad was around so he was checking on me to see what I was doing/where I was taking him. Which is so cute. I haven’t heard from him since then. I really don’t think there will be a second date (or 4th per his own warped calculations!) but that is not gonna stop me from leching at him, fantasizing wantonly or willing my phone to buzz with a text from him. The heart wants what it wants.
Of course, where wakeboarding failed, cooking prevailed and dad was suitably content with my awesome cooking. I made a traditional south Indian dinner of keerai molagutal and tomato thair pachadi (translation: spinachy awesomeness and tomatoey yogurty awesomeness). Then I walked over to Jin’s place and picked up the spoils of my online shopping from Anthropologie that I shipped to her when she went to NYC a coupla weeks ago. Two of the teeshirts are lovely – a stone one with a strange ascot like collar and a white one with ripples and burnt finish. The third – a lilac v-neck is just… well… for lack of a better word, vulgar and seems to say “here are my breasts”. But pat on the back for the Jups for getting the size right 3 times out of 3. I also snagged a lovely straw fedora (or cloche – it got smooshed in the mail, so I can’t tell!) and a statement necklace. 
In other news, I spent a fuckload of money on cosmetics and lost some of them on the journey back. Hmmphhhh. Or so I am led to believe by the folks at sasa for I told them there was a chance they didn’t pack everything in my bag and they claimed that they have cctv footage that says otherwise. I don’t have time to spend on litigating over face cream. I barely have enough time to put on face cream.
So there you have it. Decent weekend spent dozing, eating, wakeboarding, shopping and sometimes daydreaming. What more could a girl want? (don’t answer that).

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