letting go

No surprises here – the cliched 4 days have passed and I haven’t heard a peep from Batman. Holy typical Hong Kong dipshit Batman!
And no I refuse to console myself with the “he’s probably busy” or the “he knows your dad is in town so he doesn’t want to bother you”. Poppycock, the reason is plain as day and I am almost 30 so I can accept it. Fuck him, or not.

Father of the Jupiter leaves tomorrow in the afternoon and I feel a bit bad. Not because I didn’t do enough but because clearly there were moments when the moodiness was Batman’s fault and dad bore the brunt of it. Kinda like in the spider man movie “the ones I love will always be the ones that pay”. Nonetheless there were some bright spots – home made south indian dinners and lunches in nice restos, trips to Deep Water Bay and Stanley, the Peak, some shopping and what have you. He wants to come see me again and I reckon he should.

It’s bed time. More later.

Update: Deleted all traces of his existence from my phone. I don’t need the temptation. It sucks to be single.


2 thoughts on “letting go

  1. 😦 Batman's loss! I can see how awesome you are from just your writing……silly loser men who are missing out cos they don't see all the awesomenes! count batman as one less frog toward finding your prince. There sure is a prince waiting. I kinda was not too happy with your new template change, but it is so growing on me.-G

  2. Hi G!It's too bad cos he'd have made one fine chocolate prince ;)Glad it's growing on you because I love it to bitses and I am keeping it!Plus I really think the light on dark is easier to read 🙂

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