teenage dream

Dear Juice, Wow I don’t know what is keeping me from you. Is it my inability to finish what I start (blog posts, projects, hell even marriages)? Is it the fact that I am busy at work (which is not really true)? Is it my CFA prep? Is it my rabid social life? Or is it that I am usually being distracted by men who are not viable boyfriend – material? Is it the self-pity I feel when I think about my career and related shame-spirals?

Let’s go with all of the above.

Rather unexpectedly, Chris (the french dude, not the Martin) asked me out proper last week and took me out to a proper French restaurant. In so many ways, Chris is the quintessential French dude. He is lanky and blond, dresses poorly and has a fucking thick French accent. But then again in many ways, he is not. He is not completely unaware of the outside world. I am not saying he knows things; I am saying he wants to. He is curious george and has lived outside of France. For me that is a good thing.

So what’s the downside? He is either 25 or 24….maybe 24 going on 25? Maturity is somewhat of a tall order to expect even from a 35 year old so when it comes to a 25 year old, I may as well throw in the towel. He’s also a student. At first I thought he was a part-time student but turns out he is a full time student doing a part time course which means he has ample free time and not-so-ample moolah. He also lives in some ridiculous ghetto on the dark side of Hong Kong. A broke 25 year old student who lives in a hole…yup that’s my dreamboat… more like an inflatable life raft in the middle of the Atlantic with a newly punctured hole.

On the plus side though, he is generous with compliments (so important for a vain Leo like me) and attentive and easily impressed. And darlings, let’s not forget the cheap thrill of snagging a younger bloke and a miniature model like me snagging a bloke who is 8 feet tall.

I declined to meet Chris last Saturday, last Sunday and this Wednesday. I will probably end up seeing him over the weekend though. Let’s see. If not for anything else, this is big news just for the fact that I managed to keep a guy interested past the first date. Ha.

More on this later.


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