Thank God it’s Friday for it’s been a hectic week although I can’t really remember why. For one, I started going back to the gym  two weeks ago and it actually feels good to do so. I am progressively running longer and faster and the sauna / steam rooms are doing me good. My subscription expires next month so I feel pretty guilty about having thrown some pretty good money down the toilet and want to make up for it by working out twice a day (or something) till the subscription runs out! I squeezed myself into my black skinny diesel jeans today (I mean that very literally) but it feels good.

So what else have I been upto?
Well two weeks ago I completely shut down Chris and ignored him after a series of text messages culminated in a late night phone call from him which pissed me off no end. Ironically the following Friday, I got drunk on the evil fluid that is white wine and texted him and we’ve patched up since. So last sunday, we watched a movie at my place and I cooked him dinner. Sweet, I know. He had his arms wrapped around me the entire time and I could hear his heart pounding like drum. Gee, I wonder if he likes me.

Before you jump the gun though, know that I don’t think that he is piss-poor anymore. He eats out and parties practically every day. So if it does materialise, our third date has got to be at his expense. And no, that does not make me high maintenance.

I’m studying harder than ever and I am not sure my performance is up to par. Some tests are halfway decent and some tests are shamefully bad and none are exceptional. By the end of next week (which I am taking off from work to study study study), that has to change. It’s not going to be easy couped in the apartment for 7 days. When was the last time I did that? My nails (both hands and toes) look shockingly ugly and I’d be fucking surprised if I had any nails at all when this is over.

Wish me luck.


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