…7 days…

For the first time ever on the Juice … a rolling seven day post… it’s like liveblogging except it’s less interesting and it’s after the fact. Keep checking everyday for super awesome adventures in extreme nerdiness!

Day 1 of operation lockdown.
So it’s been a fairly constructive day even though I underestimated the amount of revision work I needed to do thereby failing to meet my “minimum” requirements for the day. In fact, as I write this, I am still wide awake and refusing to go to bed till I finish at least the chapter whose size and boredom-inducing capabilities I so grossly misunderestimated.

The apartment is spotless and that really helps the studying. The weather is getting a bit nippy – nothing to worry about. I am still going wakeboarding tomorrow; I won’t get to go for the next 4 weekends (1 weekend cramming for this exam, 2 spent traveling to Madrid and then Christmas weekend in gorgeous Palawan). I also have a date with Chris tomorrow – nothing fancy – just coffee after wakeboarding. Since it’s just coffee, I can’t be bothered with showering, changing etc. So let’s hope he takes well to sandy, half-wet, make-up free Jups in extremely feminine boardshorts, sports bra and ratty teeshirt.

I am done for tonight. It’s 1.40 am and I stuck it out because I had to finish one “study session” (my target was 2 but hey whatever!)

Day 2. Sunday

Up at 9. 15 am instead of 8.30 am. Not the end of the world. Read some of that Schweser Secret Sauce and then did a full 3 hour exam – I didn’t do shabbily except for failing in economics and scraping through in accounting. The latter is more important but I will work on Economics on Day 3.

Jin got sick and we ended up cancelling wakeboarding and that made me really sad. So I decided to meet Chris earlier. We met in Sheung Wan with the intent of scouring the area for cute cafes. Unfortunately we are both two absentminded lost souls and ended up in the Press Room. He looked cute and shabby and it was actually quite the welcome break from studies – kinda like watching a bollywood movie in that I could have left my brain at home. He is such a hippy – he wakes up to the sun because alarm clocks are so “brutal” (I agree, they are brutal but a necessary evil!) and books one-way tickets to places.

I left him at around 630 pm and returned to the books with a vengeance and stayed with them till 130 am.

Day 3. Monday

Up at 9 am and off to the Spanish embassy to collect my passport and visa. That’s out of the way. Now to attack this fucking economics textbook – ironically, economics is one of my favourite subjects – a real treat to understand and read but this exam makes economics dry and irritatingly hard to digest – like a badly made sandwich.

Goals for today: Finish economics, one 3 hour paper and hit the gym. 

Ended up meeting most of my goals and scored well on a test paper but not without failing two sections (not economics though). Chris met me for a drink around 1030 pm. He was apparently not dressed well, he claimed. Ironically, I thought he was – in cream shorts and brown belt matched with brown tshirt and soft light v-neck sweater and let’s not forget cream and navy loafers. Could it get any cuter? I felt like I was dating a hipster right out of New York. And I knew for sure that I was when he showed me his 2 pairs of barely correcting spectacles. Haha.

We watched some French comedy and it was another cute evening – a perfect way to reward myself for a day’s hard work.

Day 4. Tuesday

I struggle today after very little sleep. I am so burdened by these accounting notes. But today’s goal is to finish 2 whole 3 hour test and it’s already 4 pm so I wonder if that’s even possible. My mind drifts to Chris even though I know I shouldn’t. He is such a happy distraction. Commence sidebar….

Then, repeat sidebar during conversation with Casa.

0102 am. I’ve finished one 3 hour exam and done quite alright. Failed one fucking section again and it’s a different one everytime, which is just infuriating. Also infuriating is the fact that I spent the whole day revising accounting and my score for that section was lower in today’s test than yesterday. What the shit. Done for the day. Good night.

Day 5. Wednesday

I’ve been up since 7 and I shouldn’t have been. The body refuses to sleep between stupid dreams of Chris and stupid dreams of fractions where words divide words?

Overall it was a shitty day and I only did one exam – should I simply surrender and accept that I am not the uber-nerd I once was and that I cannot do 2-3 exams per day, GMAT style.

I did however see Chris – seems like he can’t go a day without seeing me? On the not-so-cute hand, I was helping him with his CV – why do I get stuck helping people all the time?

Day 6. Thursday

We had a delightful brunch together at the Brunch Club. It was comfortable and fun and we both looked nice, I thought. We kept looking straight into each others’ eyes and it made me a little nervous. More on this later.

Right. I have half of today, Friday and Saturday… not much time. Time to bring it home.

Goals for today: One and half mock tests and some revision. Reward: Pink’s birthday party tonight!

Day 6 Friday and Day 7 Saturday

Friday was not a good day – I did a test …and I didn’t do it well. It was depressing and disparaging but I chalked out a pretty hard core study/revision plan for Saturday. Saturday I felt invincible – more driven than the 300 Spartans. And I systematically crossed everything off my to-read list.

I went into the exam calm in the belief that I had done everything I possibly could and that that point on, failing the exam would be purely circumstantial.

And so I hope I pass.


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