Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion

My mind drifts to Chris even though I know it shouldn’t. He is such a happy distraction.

I love this stage in a relationship (if you can call it that)… when you are just getting to know the person. This is when you’ve somewhat gotten over his good looks (or you take them as a happy given) or lack thereof and you’re looking for more/other reasons to like the person. And then you extrapolate the hand of God playing a part when he texts or emails you when you were literally just thinking of texting or emailing him. What is that? 
I am finding that his non traditional background that makes him less of boyfriend material makes him much more crush-worthy. All this while I have secretly maintained that a perfect partner would be someone I can respect and learn from and by construction, this has thus far meant not respecting those well younger than myself. But that doesn’t mean I can’t learn from them. Or enjoy their company. Chris has very little to offer (so far) in terms of teaching me (except French) but he does amuse me.
And who knows, maybe he could be more? He is a tall drink of water and would certainly look hot in a suit. And he might get a job as early as January. But we don’t want to build castles in the ai; for now, we will just build them in the sand at Repulse Bay.
We play music from his ipad this morning and I kid you not, it is the cutest of cute french music. I was transported to a Parisian cafe while making Vietnamese coffee for the two of us. And I am qualified to make that metaphor because I have been there. It was as cliched and stereotypical as you could possibly imagine a French guy’s taste to be, none of the hip hop or pop that plays on NRJ radio mind you, and there was something surreal and hilarious about it.
I chuckled to myself. This is perfect….
P.S. (…just like the Oliver Tank song referenced above that is so breathtakingly mellifluous.)
P.P.S. He just called to check on me; sometimes I don’t know if he’s talking in French or English. It’s all cute nonetheless.

One thought on “Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion

  1. He sounds kinda yummy. I mean, scruffy french boy that leaves you sweet messages in an unintelligible language sounds kinda cute and good distraction indeed 🙂

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