You can’t always get what you want

Jo to the frikking Sun!

(Jo Sun is Cantonese for good morning).
Today’s the last working day of 2011 and I want to desperately hold on to it. I want to hold on to the year if indeed it were possible. 2011 was the year of chasing butterflies; 2012 may well be that of escaping a preying cheetah. If 2011 was about stargazing, 2012 may well be about dodging comets and who knows, maybe even making less corny metaphors.

Everything is relative and even though I didn’t get everything I wanted in 2011 but whose to say that you have to get everything you could ever want in 365 measly days? No sir, life is long and meandering and there better be a lot of fun ahead. But for now, let me revel in recapitulating what made 2011 oh-so-gratifying for me in a world that crumbled economically and fiscally.
Resolutions – I’m a believer. Lofty as they were in 2010, I did really well. Like the song told me to, I did go do. All the more reason I have to put in extra thought into 2012’s resolutions. My mom told me that she didn’t think much about my resolutions because they were all doable as long as they were affordable. This may be true but you can’t buy motivation and you can’t pay to get rid of procrastination and that is the beauty of making resolutions. You only get 365 days so you better get cracking. So let’s recap.
1. Health, Fitness and Sports… Wakeboarding jumps? Check. Diving license? No check. Fitness? I think I am stronger. Did I lose weight? No check. I have run out of ways to describe how much peace, joy and self-fulfillment a boat, a rope and a board bring to me – it is almost too ironic and/or hypocritical for someone with a self-professed disdain for sports.
2. Travel (more)…Definitely check. Passport has stamps from Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Vietnam, Spain and Philippines. The great thing about the world is there will always more unseen than seen, and that gives me so much to look forward to in 2012.
3. Mo Money, Less Problems… “at the very very minimum, get to 6 figure savings”. Check. Maybe it’s a sign of a more responsible attitude when your alternatives for spending a thousand dollars are buying a pair of shoes and a bet on the Aussie dollar.
4. Create an object from scratch. Check and Check. Not only did I create an abstract painting from scratch, but I also experimented more in the culinary area, mimicked recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi, Diana Kennedy, Nigel Slater, Heidi Swanson and created my own.

5. Get a fucking awesome job. Regrettably No Check. Postponed to 1H2012 and moved up, up, up in priority.
But 2011 was not just about keeping 70% of my resolutions while feeling shite about a shite job market and lack-of-boyfriend-ness. No, it was about living and loving each day without regret, for the most part. It was about embracing Hong Kong for all its ostentation and awesomeness even while complaining about how dear it is or how you can’t find a good Mexican restaurant. It was about partying up a storm in Wyndham street and always having a great story to tell in the morning. It was about finding a little piece of heaven in Tai Tam every weekend I went wakeboarding; and about long-overdue satisfaction about being halfway-decent at a sport and being told so by my instructor. 
2011 was not about having a rocking professional life. Au contraire, it was for all intents and purposes, a break from it. I did very little of value and I don’t think I was as much to blame for the inaction as the anemic markets were. Maybe 2012 will be different. Call me crazy but turning 30 would be a lot more fabulous if a base salary upwards of 200k USD were involved.
2011 was not about men. This is equal parts regrettable and fantastic. Regrettable because somewhere out there is a man with a Jups-shaped hole in his heart, wandering aimlessly. while a Jups-shaped person does exist, unbeknownst to him. Regrettable because it would be peachy to share the awesome-coated-awesome that I am with someone and presumably get some handsome-coated-intelligent back in return. Fantastic because if I did have a boyfriend, I may have spent more time with him and less time doing all the awesome things with all my awesome friends that I ended up doing…speaking of which…
2011 was about finding wonderful, sympathetic, caring and like-minded friends who are as fabulous as they are homely, as self-conscious as they are beautiful and as independent as they are as social. While I am too proud to consider that my life would be miserable without them, I am doubtless certain that it was more fabulous with them and they were instrumental in me not missing the curious lack of a man in my life for longer than a night or two. Between them, the home-cooked dinners, red wine nights, parties, wakeboarding and weekend trips, 2011 was the escape from reality I wanted it to be without being too escapist for too long. They, more than anything, I think, make me want to stay in Hong Kong longer. 
And so, I want to hold on to 2011 and its simplicity, glamour and heart, even as I plan my outfit for tomorrow’s party at the Pawn. I don’t feel superbly attractive – no, the holiday has wrecked my skin and tanned me into a shade of fade-into-the-woodwork-brown – and definitely not in relation to my taller, more slender girlfriends and I probably won’t kiss a boy at the stroke of midnight but goddamnit I will wear my best dress and my best smile and have a good time as the last minutes of 2011 fade into reverberating bass, all the while hoping, wishing that 2012 is just more of a good thing.
I didn’t get everything I wanted in 2011 but whose to say that you have to get everything you could ever want in 365 measly days? And what would you then do with the rest of your life if you did? I can’t sum up my feelings about everything this year has been to me better than the ever-amazing Rolling Stones do…
You can’t always get what you want,
But if you try sometimes well you just might find,
You get what you need

So here’s to 2012. May your year and mine be filled with laughter and love, good company and good health, healthy loving and understanding families, fantastic clothes and accessories, burgeoning bank balances, assets that increase in value and liabilities that decline, travels to the most beautiful places on earth with beautiful friends and loved ones, delicious foods and sublime wines, second, third, fourth and nth dates that are as charmed as the first and last but not the least, earth-shatteringly, teeth-clenchingly amazing orgasms. Happy New Year!
P.S. Stayed tuned for 1. a fantastic recap of my wonderful Christmas weekend in the Philippines and 2. Jups’ list of resolutions for 2012.

4 thoughts on “You can’t always get what you want

  1. 2011 was by all counts an awesome year for me – one of the highlights being meeting you!I miss HK so much at times – wishing u guys were coming to Aus!It does sound by your resolutions that most of them were checked off so it wasn't all that bad :P2012 will be YOUR year Jups – I have that much faith. And if not you have HK, and good friends, wakeboarding and wonderful food :)Hope you have a wonderful NYE celebration tomorrow!*muah*

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