young forever

It occurs to me that I may have all too bearish in that last diatribe and I promised I wouldn’t be bearish on my stock, didn’t I? So I shouldn’t be. Besides over the last week and weekend, I did manage to cross off several chores (including finding an affordable dry cleaner! Yayy!)

As well I neglected to tell you of the positive resolutions that I want to keep –

1. Reading – I want to go back to being the bookworm I used to be as a kid. I want to read at least 10 books (lofty goal eh?!) including or excluding those that I have not completed – 100 years of Solitude, Shantaram and the Dragon Tattoo series. I want to read Wilde and Shakespeare and Mark Twain as well as Murakami. I know Mark and Chris will support me on this grandiose venture.

2. I want to swim with Whale Sharks. For this I have to improve my swimming abilities. It is going to be legendary.

And there are others I can’t seem to remember but they were good ones so let’s file em away for after 1Q by which time I will have found my dream job!

I spent the last week moving all my funds around like a maniac, writing checks and getting cashiers’ orders and pondering where to invest. It’s hard to tell whether and which are markets are undervalued and which markets are in shit. It’s a tough world out there. Maybe a better-late-than-never double down will work in my favour.

Here is the latest installment of the Chris story, and I recognize it’s repetitive. He needs to stop being fucking adorable because I enjoy hating him and whinging about him. First of all the boy is treacherously devoid of inhibitions (which means that when I recount my dates with him to friends, they are quick to quip “OMG BOYFRIEND” and to that I cringe). So he says and does things that make you want to analyse that subtext and there probably isn’t any. As Elvish Pixie put it, it’s probably something to do with him being young and idealistic in a French way. I forgot where I was going with this. Ah yes. He’d been relentlessly texting and emailing to meet up with me even though we literally just met less than 12 hours ago. So yesterday I told him that I was sick and I had shit to deal with. To which he says that if I were sick, he’d love to come over and make me his grandma’s recipe for honey lemon tea. Oh God, please stop being so fucking adorable will ya? After a disturbing and inappropriate run-in with a friend (questionable since I find him to be a overly-boastful twat?) last night, I called Chris and he rushed over. We ended up talking for hours about so many things. He told me that during his vacation in Thailand, he’d shagged someone else. He tried to play it down by telling me I am the only one for him in Hong Kong. I was strangely amused and relieved and I am not just saying that. How can you not be when someone says “It was just drunk bad sex” – that shit is priceless. I guess I was relieved to know that he wasn’t some obsessive weirdo. Just honest and treacherously devoid of inhibitions. Second of all, the whole poor student vibe is both his Achilles heel and his biggest strength. It makes him completely unfeasible as a boyfriend and that takes the pressure off and it makes him completely adorable as a fling. I want to hate him for not getting a haircut but I’ve secretly always liked guys with long curly hair. I want to hate his at-times stupid clothes but he says “la mode est éphémère mais l’élégance est éternelle”. I cringe when he smells funny but he claims it’s because he ran up the escalators to get my place as fast as possible. And he has a fantastic body so should I be giving a fuck? This stock is a Hold.

In other predictable news, I haven’t heard a peep from Batman since he sent me pictures from our new year’s eve together. At the risk of sounding arrogant, we look So. Fucking. Good. Together. From my aubergine floor-length satin dress to his bespoke tuxedo and bow tie, from my straight hair to his naughty smile, this particular photo oozes sexy. He kept asking whether I would leave HK in February… I didn’t want him to be concerned, that would make me overanalyze, hope even that there was a reason for it. Gah, why do I like him so? Why doesn’t he realise that I am the woman of his dreams? Huh? Stock is an Underperform but long-term outlook is positive.

Okay enough boycraziness. More about my decadent weekend coming up.

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