Blue Suede Shoes

Wow I had a crazy weekend! Shopping Update Ahead. Pictorial Diarrhoea. You have been warned.

On Friday, I went to Harvey Nichols and picked up a sexy pair of navy blue suede booties from “L’Autre Chose”. Why? Because they were made in Italy.  And suede. And navy blue. And because You can do anything but lay off of my Blue suede shoes…
(PS I already wore these on Tuesday night with my electric blue KM dress and nude fishnets for my second date with a cute German boy, but that is material for another post).

I also ** almost ** bought my first Manolo Blahniks – these classic silver leather d’orsays that were featured in my all-time favourite Sex and the City episode “A Woman’s Right to Shoes”. So why did I chicken out? well because even when generously (cough) discounted from 7900 HKD to 4800 HKD, beautiful shoes must be perfect and scuff-free and these werent. Heck even the box ought to scuff-free when you’re paying that much. For now, let me just tell you I felt like I was walking on air. They were literally pain-free and I giggled stupidly and pranced around the store for a bit. Can you blame me?
I also went out that night with Chris and are you ready for this, his sister. After a cheap but lovely streetside dinner in Jordan which involved 5 liters of dirt-cheap beer, he was quite drunk (I wasn’t). We went out to wydnham and I got hit on a fair bit. I am led to believe that the best way to get guys to hit on you is to actually go partying with another guy. The rest of this story shall be continued when I elaborate my aforementioned date story.

I spent over 4 hours glued to the couch, clicking repetitively on Cityline HK – the worst online booking site in the entire milky way – in an effort to score tickets to the Hong Kong Sevens. And I did – 4 whole tickets for Elvish Pixie, meself, Jin and Pink, I think, if noone changes their mind by then. I can hardly wait for that binge-boozing and boy-pulling mess of an event! Let the debauchery begin.

That afternoon I did the unthinkable, I attempted another hike – a short one, barely 2 hours but felt good about actually moving muscles, burning calories and all that other sweaty nonsense. The girls were supportive, I lagged behind a bit, but it was familiar territory what with it being in Central, so I wasn’t too worried about getting lost.

Sunday was a grim, wet and shitty day so Elvish Pixie and I decided to go shopping. Little did we know that we would end up spending a sizeable portion of our incomes /credit limits in one 6 hour shopping binge. On the plus side there are no regrets because we got some stunning high-end merch. On the not-so-plus side, we spent upwards of 5 digits in HKD. Yikes. A quarter-long diet of toast, potatoes and water is in order.
And my oh my what pretty things we managed to snag. It all started with the ever-elegant Diane Von Furstenburg, where I finally managed to buy myself a “Diane” reissued vintage print wrap dress. I’ve wanted these babies forevah! And now that I have one, I want many more. They are so soft, sumptuous and sexy! Elvish Pixie and I also scored gorgeous silk shirts – mine is a brick red charmeuse, hers a graphic printed hammered satin beauty. I also bought a whimsical two piece orange and white crepe de chine blouse with atypical pleats.
At Kate Spade, I snagged this wedge-heeled wonder – isn’t just as elegant as it is unassuming? I can’t wait for the summer to wear these. EP found equally adorable pink and orange strappy flat sandals that

would put some spring in summer steps.
At Club Monaco I picked up for my dad a wonderfully warm and practical down coat – perfect for the trips he makes to Poland and the Netherlands and such in the blistering European winters. And at DAKS, a quirky hipster-ish flat-bottom silk tie for booboo.
At Bally, the most-wondrous of clutches in beautiful patent leather -printed with granite/purple butterflies. Is it not the loveliest of things?
This is truly, my first ever proper expensive high-end clutch and I couldn’t love it more.Well okay, I lie, I do own a nice bronze leather Rebecca Minkoff clutch but that’s a contemporary designer and Bally is, well, Bally.

By the powers that be, my credit card statement closed a few days prior and all of these outlandish charges are safely parked in the bill that will be due March. That’s plenty of time for the Jups to buy lotto tickets and/or explore an alternative career as a highclass escort.


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