Us against the world

My, hasn’t it been a while? What better time to do a post than on International Womens’ Day? What have I done today – I did a lot of things.
I worked like a trooper in my new role, I put out loads of fires while keeping a smile plastered firmly on my face. I came home and made myself black tea flavoured tofu, mushroom and kale wantons (baked not fried – they were delicious), I read, I watched TV, I started knitting again, I listening to opera music and I blogged. And I unintentionally wondered to myself why I always insist that if I ever had a kid, it would have to be a girl when really, if she didn’t turn out like me i.e. she didn’t read or knit or cook like a champ, I would suffer more than if it were a boy. Strange.

I did all of that without actually remembering it was International Womens’ Day and yet almost all of that oozed feminity.

Life has been hard, stressful, busy. Mostly because of work -despite not having a signed contract to my name (which Inshallah pays me absolutely vulgar amounts of money), I am carrying my weight and working harder than ever. I work with a tall, handsome man – let’s call him Robot – who is nice and professional but the work is challenging and I have to deal with countless nimrods who come at me from all directions. I come in early, I don’t take lunch breaks and I stay late. And in between, I don’t have a moment to breathe while pounding through endless to-do lists.

As the girls keep reiterating, it’s all about being a swan – graceful and serene above water, furious paddling underneath. It’s such a lovely analogy and especially apt in my workplace where people are so quick to retort defensively and feign just about anything short of cancer to shirk off work.

I haven’t had much of a life outside of work. The last two weekends were spent almost entirely with the books and no one else. And with good reason as I have barely just managed to finish reading one book and have four more to go before I can contemplate practice exams and the all the lovely mayhem and stress that comes with it.

I am so overdue for a vacation. I thought I’d get away during the easter holidays, maybe go island hopping in Greece but bunny reminded me that I should really study and I agree. So I am thinking, maybe I should go someplace calm in Thailand or the like and just be. Get some peace and quiet, eat some nice food and fruits and study and just breathe and let it all hang out.

At least there is Sunday to look forward to – a morning at the Mandarin spa and lunch at Amber, purportedly one of the world’s best restaurants.

But now, it’s already past midnight and this little cygnet has to rest her nerves for even though tomorrow is Friday, it is going to be a stressful one. Good night.

P.S. I cannot not share one of the clearest retorts to the “When is International Mens’ Day?” question; from my lovely friend Siggy.
“International Women’s Day is this Thursday. When asked when it was International Men’s Day I replied “when 1 in 3 men suffer from sexual violence in their lifetime, when men earn less than women for doing the same job, when men are bought and sold as sex slaves, when pre-teen boys are married off and raped by spouses three times their age, when boys receive less food, less education, less medical care, when men are prevented from leaving the house without their wife or sister, when millions of baby boys are murdered simply because they are boys, THEN we will need an International Men’s Day”


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