There are a lot of things irritating me lately and most, nay, all of it is what I called employment induced permanent brain damage. I am so tired and crabby all week because work is just a pile of shite. I work with gits, around gits and for gits. It’s really gitting to me. Heh.

No really though, it gives me much displeasure to admit that the men at work (Hah!) have been making me miserable to the point that I have cried several times in the last few days. Maybe I am a hopeless idiot that can’t cope. Maybe they have no clue and it’s like the blind trying to make spreadsheets for the blind – it’s a fucking load of crap and no one wants to point out that there is a pink elephant in the room. Either way, I am miserable, I dont have a moment of free time not even to eat lunch without being disturbed by some git, I am working late (even worked the Sunday) and did I mention I still don’t have a contract or a clue as to what I will be paid next month? And for fuck’s sake I haven’t blogged in god knows how long.

As well, my CFA prep has taken a royal asskicking. I really don’t know if I have any hope of passing because I am only half way through the now-much-fatter-than-before book #2 and have 3 more to go plus practice tests. Verdict: I am fucked unless I can turn this around in April and May.

But there is much to be happy about too, for instance, I will be heading to beautiful California for my Easter break. I will spend time in the city of angels and to the city where one must wear flowers in one’s hair. Perhaps a trip to wine country? Some shopping? Loads of california style healthy organic food? Taco trucks? Where’s the dotted line?

The tickets are all booked and some friends have gladly volunteered their couches which is just as well because the last minute tickets have broken my back. I only wish I had time to book a pedicure and/or a facial before I go because I really look like an ungroomed mongrel. Between the work and the binge-eating/drinking, my skin has paid the price. Or maybe it’s that time of year (I recall going through pizzaface phase last year too).

Rugby 7s was Saturday. The girls and I dressed like PanAm Stewardess and we did quite well – even ended up on the website so that was money well spent. The costumes were a hit with every other man. I didn’t meet any clowns or smurfs this time but I did meet a handsome Srilankan rugby player who literally picked me up with one arm. Not much more to report, unfortunately. Maybe I am just not feeling it these days – men are starting to bore me with their predictable behaviour.

It’s almost one in the morning and I must sleep though I don’ want to. I want to blog and run errands and pack and give myself a home facial. But sleep I must because it’s hard enough handling the morons at work with full brain capacity.

Good night Juice.


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