i will talk and hollywood will listen

From Monday, April 2nd.
As ridiculously materialistic as it sounds, this is how it is. I could be in a totally different planet, they could speak a different tongue or walk on all fours for all I care but the minute I step into that planet’s shopping district, I feel completely safe, at ease, at home.
This is how I felt today as I took a painfully long bus ride to santa monica blvd and n canon drive… Several blocks later I was in beverly hills… Steps away from posh rodeo drive, I was more interested in the behemoth anthropologie store which was still a long walk away. I made it albeit too late as the store closes at 8. The lady complemented what I was wearing and what I had bought. It’s funny telling people here you came all the way from hong kong. The things we do to be with our friends.

Unbeknownst to me, Rainmaker was too tired to come pick me up when I was done with shopping and so I had happily picked a beautiful restaurant on Beverly drive serving farm fresh foods and Californian wines where we could have dinner. I ordered my syrah (I always go for the medium bodied reds) and read his text – he couldn’t come. Meh. Oh well. Might as well finish this massive beaker of wine and this delicious basket of cornmeal muffins and watch the world slow down.

So I may be slightly inebriated right now.

Actually this whole trip so far has felt like a slowdown. Cars and big buildings and wide open spaces and big boulevards impossible to traverse – this isn’t a place for loiterers and potterers like me.  And that bothers me – los angeles is not jups-approved because public transport is slow, metros aren’t that well dispersed and I don’t have a license and even if I did, the fact that rainmaker was physically unable to pick me up demonstrates that one can never be self-sufficient in the transport department unless one’s feet are involved. As well, jups’ rule is that if one can’t hold one’s hand out and find a mode of transport that takes one where one would like to be transported, you (as a city) lose out to cities where one can. NY and HK pass with flying colours. LA fails. San Diego fails. Chicago passes. Singapore fails these days. London fails because you can hold your hand out but you’ll lose a shirt in the process.

Tomorrow I am going to San Francisco. Obviously I hope to meet some gentle people there.


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