Taipei 101 (literally)

From 27th April…

It should come as no surprise that my trip to Taipei was a boatload of fun. Taipei is the Xiao Long Bao capital of the world – you heard it here first – and Xiao Long Bao? More like Xiao Long WOW – you heard that here first as well.
Everyone and their mother will tell you that food rocks in Taiwan and they are not lying. When I bit into gorgeous pork belly buns (Momofuku has nothing on these babies), I almost wished I didn’t know they were pure, melting fat.

Getting to Taipei wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. You see, there was a massive fucking thunderstorm in Hong Kong that day and all flights were delayed. Ours, in particular, was postponed from Friday night to Saturday morning. We would have none of it of course and we promptly changed our tickets to get on another plane. In doing so, I realized that the visa I had printed out was no longer valid so I rushed back upstairs to my office to print a new one. In doing that, I tripped on the escalator and crashed both my legs squarely into the metal stairs. Ouchness ensued. A couple of nicks and cuts, no big deal, and a tortured knee. And then our new plane was delayed an hour. Once we had boarded and the plane started to taxi, it ran into technical difficulties. So we waited in the plane two, three hours? Meanwhile my tortured knee decided to swell up like the massive ego I once had. We deplaned, I did so limping like a moron, waited another hour. And finally we arrived in Taipei in time for a gorgeous sunrise over an industrial wasteland. It was all quite the misadventure.

So here I am back in Honkers. I’ve been on somewhat of a detox for the last five days. I have only consumed things of plant or marine origin and excluded alcohol and most carbs with the exception of mung beans. It hasn’t been easy because of the cravings but it hasn’t been so tough either because I don’t feel hungry. I am drinking loads of water in the hope that my skin clears up. My only failing was that a friend (who is a consummate baker) baked me macarons and I ate 4 of them. But I am hoping that this effort still counts – it is not easy for the Jups to eschew good old rice and toast!

p.s. can’t find a song to match the post, not gonna try.


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